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    I'm on my fourth day of eating primally. I've been weighing in every day to monitor the progress. It's been very tiny, half a pound here, half a pound there, stuff that could be written off as a shift in weight or change in clothes.

    Today I weighed myself and I'm 5 lbs lighter than yesterday. Kind of crazy. Any thoughts on why? I imagine this will be a one time thing, but it's kind of shocking and did put a smile on my face.

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    Yay, you!

    Yeah, I'm new to this and I've had this happen recently, but it's more like a three pound drop.I'm only about 15 pounds overweight.

    I try to weigh myself under the same conditions, in the morning before eating and drinking.


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    Congrats! I also lost weight very quickly -- 10 pounds in the first couple weeks. Day-to-day 5 pounds though, I'm guessing it was a water-weight fluctuation. I would suggest the same thing the previous poster does and be sure to weigh in under the same conditions.

    Another note -- while I agree seeing the scale tick down is exciting, the real measure to take interest in is body fat percentage and literal, physical measurements (waist primarily, but arms, legs if you're working out regularly) to mark progress.

    Keep it up though! Results are results!

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    I don't know the reason, but I regularly fluctuate by 5+ lbs from day to day. I'm an average sized female and I weigh myself at the same time. I usually look for averages or trends. It makes it hard for me to say what I weigh at any given time.

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    Even though I own a scale, I've long stopped using it. Muscle gain and weight loss make it completely unreliable. It does provide body fat %, but I don't even need that. The best way to gauge actual weight loss is, in my opinion, clothes. And not any clothes. Go out, buy a shirt that is one size too small. Try it on once a week (after washing) and it'll be obvious if you lost weight or not. You can do the same with pants.

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    Most likely water weight lost from the carb cutting. Carbs cause your body to retain quite a bit of water I've noticed. In fact if I go carb heavy I often feel kinda bloated.

    Have you cut your salt content back as well? That could be it too.

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    Yes is probably water...its called the woosh effect.

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    Yes, beginning a low carb diet will often result in a big loss of water weight, but there's another thing that happens as we lose.

    Since losing a pound represents a deficit of 3500 calories--difficult to accomplish in one or two days, these big 'overnight' losses usually are due to water retention that's released. But that doesn't mean it's not a fat loss, especially if you've been having very small to no loss.

    The body views weight loss as a negative, so it tries to control the situation. When it's forced to empty fat cells (for energy), it sometimes fills the empty cell with water so that there's no loss on the scale (and sometimes a small gain).

    But if the person continues to lose weight, eventually the body is forced to dump that water, and there will be a 5 or 6 lb loss seemingly overnight.

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