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Thread: What do you consider to be the most important rule of your primal eating? page

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    What do you consider to be the most important rule of your primal eating?

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    1) Low carb / healthy carb

    2) Avoiding PUFA / eating healthy fats only

    I ask because although I find it easy to eat low carb, avoiding bad oils is something I don't always succeed with. For example, the family ordered chinese last night. I got a special with steak, mushrooms, peppers, and water chestnuts, knowing it was probably fried in crap. As it turned out, it was floating in some kind of gravy (no mention of that on the menu), so I strained it out and washed the gravy and grease off, while adding some butter.

    It's an example of staying low carb but probably eating some bad oils, and I typically end up in this situation two or three times a week.

    Is anyone the same way? Or would you eat higher carb before eating unhealthy fats?

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    Interesting question, I'll leave the answer to the experts, but well asked and I'm intrigued
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    I would eat higher carb before eating crappy oils if I had a choice - I don't find primal carbs to be any problem for me at all. I don't eat out very often though, so I don't worry about the bad oils or the carbs in that situation.

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    I'll pick Carbs over Crap every time, but I sometimes eat crappy carbs. I'm human.
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    For me, it's to avoid sugar and grains as if it was death itself. The way it affects me now that I'm clean is beyond belief. The occasional dinner out, cooked in canola, doesn't make me literally feel sick for the following week like some accidental gluten can!

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    I think it depends on your personal struggles and how each affects you. One could argue that higher n-6 intake could be countered by a couple extra fish oil caps, though excessive PUFA consumption isn't something you want to expose yourself to on a regular basis.

    Gluten is probably the longest term detriment that I feel one could expose themselves to, depending on sensitivity. 14 - 21 days a looong time to be paying for a cheat.

    Personally, sugar is the most dangerous for me. On both an inflammatory scale, and the scope of the consequences. If I manage to fall off the wagon at just the right angle, I can create a month+ downward spiral of sugar addiction, simply by having that first bite.

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    My three commandments are:
    no gluten
    no dairy
    no legumes

    I rarely eat out anymore, so the crap oils aren't much of a problem - I pretty much pack my kitchen whenever I travel anywhere, and I'd prefer to fast rather than get fast food or eat out (unless it's a really good restaurant for a special occasion that's been planned - I avoid the spontaneous restaurant experience because it rarely ends up being anything other than a disappointment).

    I would eat non-glutenous grains if I was going to a dinner party at a friend's house and s/he made some kind of rice or quinoa or corn dish, or maybe some sorbet, even though it's not something I eat daily, but I never break my 3 commendments.

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    I've been eating relatively high-carb lately, mostly in vegetables though. I probably eat 150+ grams of carbohydrate most days. My meat intake has gone down because of it but I do feel a lot better (because vegetables are so damn good, not because meat is bad in any way) and have steadily been getting leaner.
    That's the way I feel like it would be in nature anyway, so that's what I stick to. Definitely healthy carbs over crap for me, but if you're healthy your body can probably handle those PUFAs once in awhile.

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    I'd choose the oil over the carbs. Simple carbs make me feel awful. (mind you, when we do eat chinese, my children get awful sores on their lips, so it probably isn't doing an awful lot of good on the inside). We've cut the takeaway right down to about once a month. (cooking 3 x a day - summer holidays - for 6 people can sometimes be too much)

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    Grains make me ache. Fake oils give me zits. Would I rather limp or pus? Both are sad.
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