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Thread: another Canuck

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    Smile another Canuck

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    Hi all. I am from the left coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. My journey to Primal started with some horrific lab results in mid December. My CRP and APOB were highly elevated and I was scared spitless - more so because I am an RN who works in a cardiac catheterization lab! I saw myself in 10 or less years, lying on the same table I work at every day.
    An accidental stumble onto this site from a healthy eating blog brought me here and I couldn't be happier. I have been eating primal for a week now and have already noticed changes in my energy, sleep quality and cravings.
    I am learning so much that I did not know about human physiology from this site, despite being a critical care RN. Thank you so much, Mark.

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    It is amazing how fast the changes are.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
    Don't forget to play!

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