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Thread: Do sweet cloves cause a reaction in insulin?

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    Do sweet cloves cause a reaction in insulin?

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    Hi all,

    I've read that sugar substitutes can trick the body into still having an insulin reaction, which is just as bad as eating the regular sugar.

    I'm wondering if anything sweet tasting does this. I am currently addicted (!) to a tea called Hot Cinnamon Spice that contains black tea, 3 types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves.

    By drinking several cups a day, am I wreaking havoc on my insulin production?

    Thanks for your thought!

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    I think it would be helpful for blood sugar control:
    Diabetes: Gymnema, Cinnamon and Cloves for Diabetes Managment - Diabetes Mellitus:

    Insulin is not the bogey man it becomes an issue when constantly elevated and not doing a good job returning blood sugar levels to normal.

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