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Thread: Weekly Menu Examples

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    Weekly Menu Examples

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    Good morning,

    I just received the "21-Day Transformation" and yesterday totally purged everything out of my refrigerator, freezer and cabinets. It was somewhat painful; but at least someone might be able to use it, as I plan to donate the unopened items.

    I also have been browsing the recipes--which all sound pretty great--on this website. However, I would really like some guidance on what an "average week" of meals would look like. Is there such a thing out there?

    I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks much,

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    I just started going primal last week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to purge everything (my family is not going primal... Yet), but to help with being tempted I've made meals in advance. I made a ton of primal meatballs in the slow cooker and put half of them in the freezer to thaw at a later date. I've eaten the meatballs by themselves and with veggies. One night I made spaghetti squash and poured the meatballs and sauce over it. I've boiled a chicken in water with a little sea salt (then pulled the meat off and boiled the bones to make a stellar chicken broth). I usually have eggs in the morning as either a frittata, omelet, or scramble with onion and occasional bell pepper. I pan grilled chicken and homemade burgers to last a few days.

    It's really all about making the transition easy for yourself in the beginning. There are quite a few websites that have primal friendly recipes on them. My best advice: plan your own weekly menu and make meals ahead of time so there's no questions as to whether you're going to eat primal or not.

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