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Thread: Examples of daily meals

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    Examples of daily meals

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    As a very new newcomer, I will be starting my primal journey tomorrow and to be honest haven't had the time as yet to read the full book or spend a lot of time searching for answers.

    I would find it very helpful and would be very grateful if some people wouldn't mind just listing a typical food day.

    Thank you in advance

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    Just browse the "Journals" thread. A lot of people post daily food journals there.

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    B - cup of coffee with coconut milk or heavy cream
    2 eggs, fried in grassfed butter (Kerrygold), with some avocado and salsa or leftover vegetables from last night's dinner

    L - BAS ("Big Ass Salad") -- lettuce with whatever other primal ingredients you have, making sure to include protein of some kind (shrimp, chicken, etc.)

    D - meat, veg, fat (meat and/or veg cooked in good fat), and possibly starch (sweet potato, rice, etc -- but only if you worked out and/or are not trying
    to limit carbs too extremely)

    that's fairly typical for me. Snacks might include jerky, handful of nuts (don't overdo it), fruit, piece of cheese, etc.

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    I think I may have posted this question a year ago Here is what I have learned along the way...

    Journals are a good place to start
    Google "whole30 blog" - lots of people blog about their whole30 attempts and list daily menus
    Here is one I just found yesterday:
    Paleo Foodie: Whole30

    Here are some websites I use a lot for recipes:
    Civilized Caveman - Gluten Free Paleo Recipes
    theclothesmakethegirl | train hard. eat clean. live loud.

    I also just purchased "Well Fed" - a new Paleo cookbook - love it. Everything I've made from it is delicious and basic enough that a lazy cooker like me can handle it

    These are generalizations that might be helpful for a beginner:

    - breakfast: eat eggs - boiled, scrambled, omelets, frittattas, etc. or eat leftovers.
    - lunch - if you used to be a sandwich person, eat mostly the same stuff, just put it on a salad instead of on bread. leftovers work too.
    - dinner - good substitutes, spaghetti squash for pasta, buttercup or acorn squash for potatoes (if you are limiting carbs), coconut oil for other vegetable oils

    Good luck! And read the book if you have some time

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    Thank you all very much I appreciate your time. Wish me luck! Today is Day 1!

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    Good luck on your journey! Here is an example of what I eat:

    Breakfast: weekends I will have eggs and bacon or sausage, I also make a big batch of coconut flour pancakes to eat during the week. On weekdays I have two coconut flour pancakes topped with macadamia nut butter and maybe strawberries if I have them.

    Lunch: Usually leftovers from the night before, examples: steak and butternut squash, or chicken breast with pesto sauce and broccoli. If I don't have any leftovers I will get a Big Ass Salad from the cafeteria at work with eggs and chicken breast and other veggis on it.

    Dinner: Similar to lunch. Frequently something from the Primal Blueprint cookbook like chicken and artichoke hearts, or bison chili (love this recipe!), or liver and onions (just made this yesterday). Basically just some meat and vegetables and maybe a fancy sauce to go with :-)

    I snack on macadamia nuts, cottage cheese or sometimes a protein/fruit smoothie. And I almost always have a few squares of super dark chocolate for desert!

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    Breakfast: 1 breve latte, 2 pieces no sulfite bacon, 3 eggs scrambled in either butter or the leftover fat from the bacon with aprx 2 leaves chopped kale, and a hand full of diced leek.

    Lunch: I usually skip this meal because of having such a big breakfast, but when I do eat it, it it's nearly always: mixed berries (from frozen unless in season), a couple tablespoons of Fage full fat greek yogurt, and ground almonds, OR some uncured sliced ham and a bit of cheese (real cheese, not cheese-food-like-product), OR half/whole avocado with a bit of black pepper.

    Dinner: Meat (Usually organic free-range chicken breast, organic free-range pork chop, or grass fed beef hangar steak/ skirt steak, but sometimes little oily fishies from a tin) cooked in skillet or broiled. Sauteed veg (usually kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and mushroom) in ghee, Kerrygold butter, or bacon fat. Sometimes, if I'm feeling fancy, I'll finish all of it together in a big skillet with a bit of cream for a sauce.

    I hardly ever snack. When I do it's usually a square of dark chocolate, almonds, or pecans.

    Good luck! I know it can be overwhelming at first, but don't let it fool you. It's very rewarding.
    Prions are natures way of telling us that cannibalism is for losers.

    My Primal Journal:

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