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Thread: Ketones way too high - dangerous?

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    Ketones way too high - dangerous?

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    Personal Details:
    Age: 39
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Body: Not fat overall except in stomach area - definite gut due to visceral fat under my stomach muscles
    Waist Measurement: Waist is 38" (Just measured)
    Ability to enter ketosis: Easy
    Note: Probably ruined hormones by eating massive amounts of carbs first 30 years of life - 1/2 gallon apple juice a day, pancakes, waffles, maple syrup, breakfast cerial, skim milk, pasta - that's all I ate. I was mostly vegetarian but didn't eat vegetables.
    Note: 4 years ago had fasting blood sugar at around 118. Bought a glucose meter and found that my blood sugar was high in the morning but okay throughout the day. I reduced my carbs greatly after that so I don't think I still have a blood sugar problem. But just in case I have a new glucose meter on order - it's scheduled to arrive on Monday.

    Executive Summary
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - low carb - only source 15 g of carbs from rice crackers.
    Thursday, Friday - No Carb

    I got new ketosticks last night (Friday) and my urine ketone level was over 100 mg/dL. I drank lots of water last night and went to bed. This morning my urine ketone level was still over 100 mg/dL. (See attached photo). My last batch of ketosticks ran out a few weeks ago but I do know that I normally am not in ketosis in the evening but I usually have around 5 mg/DL of ketones in my urine when I wake up in the morning. (This was when my main source of carbs was 2 Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate bars a day.)

    Saliva PH: 6.0 (Normally fairly close to 7)

    Is this dangerous? Do I need to add back carbs ASAP?

    Why isn't my body becoming keto adapted and using the ketones?

    Background Info

    For the last year or so, I kept my carbs fairly low and I was somewhat primal. I strayed off the path with tons of Peanut Butter, tons of Almond Butter, occasional ice cream, and 2 Trader Joes Dark Chocolate bars a day (54 grams of sugar).

    The problem with this diet is that I was constantly hungry all day (I've always had a very strong appetite). My body is not fat due to a very high motablism but I do have a gut that sticks out in front of me. (38" waist)

    Diet Thursday & Friday
    3.5 Oz of Trader Joes Lunch Meat
    10 Macadamia Nuts
    4 big spoonfuls of coconut oil.
    1/4 pint of heavy cream

    4 Slices of Bacon
    3 Eggs cooked in bacon grease & Coconut oil
    Several pads of putter melted on top of eggs
    1/4 pint of heavy cream
    2 Big Spoonfulls of Coconut oil

    Baby Lettuce with Olive Oil
    1/3 lb of boneless chicken thighs eaten with butter (cut off piece of butter & ate with each byte)
    2 Big spoonfulls of coconut oil

    (Similair diet monday, tuesday, wednesday but with small amount of rice crackers eaten with butter on those days)

    • With this diet, I've only been moderately hungry between meals which is a HUGE improvement. I normally am ravenous between meals. I generally liked the feeling of satiety I had during the day. I really liked eating all of that fat - it was delicious.
    • The anxiety I normally feel all the time was completely gone.
    • I did feel slightly mentally sluggish and slightly physically weak but it wasn't too bad.
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    high concentration of ketones usually depicts onset of mild dehydration.

    drink more, and the sticks will show less.

    then bin the sticks they are highly unreliable.

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    More ‘Safe Starches’ Stuff And Why I’ve Decided NOT To Test Them On Myself Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Blog
    It isn’t necessarily ketosis that we want…it is the burning of those ketones that is beneficial, and the two are often opposite. Ketosis is what is left over from not having burned them. Eating carbs can inhibit the burning of ketones that the MCTs may be making, thus resulting in ketosis, but not necessarily ketone utilization. --Ron Rosedale, MD

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    It also seems that your protein grams are a little low
    for a dude your size.

    You've got the fat thing down, but the protein seems to be
    lacking a little.

    And yeah, trash the sticks - not only do they read the fat
    that is being burned by your body, but they also read the
    fat that you pop into your mouth.

    I drink a gallon of water a day.

    I can use the sticks and register nothing - but if I go an eat 4 eggs
    with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, then use the sticks, even AFTER
    drinking all that water, they come up purple.

    That really pissed me off and I stopped using them.


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    im upwards of a gallon (4-5L) and they never show usually, unless testing in the morning.

    only use them every so often to be fair

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    High levels of ketones are only dangerous if you also have high blood sugar (like 300+ high, not under 120).

    It looks like you're on a severe ketogenic diet, 80% or so fat. Of course you're regestering high ketones.

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    OK, I understand that a high level of ketones is not dangerous.

    My new blood sugar meter was delivered to me today. I measured the Control Solution with my new glucose meter and I got readings of 79 and 80. According to the vial, it's supposed to be 83 to 125 so I think this meter is off on the low side.

    I tested myself multiple times 1 hour after a low carb meal and 84, 64, 70, 77, and 86. I don't trust these results so I ordered another meter of the same brand to see if the readings will be any different.

    I'm really interested in what my fasting glucose will be so I'll measure again tomorrow morning.

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    If I was you I'd call the tech support for your meter and let them know. They're pretty good about making sure that you're getting accurate readings and identifying why you aren't. It could be the meter, or it could be your strips. They are also likely to send you a new one instead of you having to pay for one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasintrail View Post
    If I was you I'd call the tech support for your meter and let them know. They're pretty good about making sure that you're getting accurate readings and identifying why you aren't. It could be the meter, or it could be your strips. They are also likely to send you a new one instead of you having to pay for one.
    I'd rather own two meters of the same model anyway. With two meters, 2 bottles of control solution, and multiple batches of test strips it will be easier to figure out what specifically is defective if anything.

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    Took morning blood sugar with suspect meter - it was 62 mg/DL. I seriously doubt that it is really this low but I'm more confident that I don't have the high morning blood sugar that I used to have 4 years ago. I guess this makes sense considering the massive amounts of sugar, carbs, and grains I used to consume those days.

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