Happy New Year! Since I'm changing things up a little to begin 2012, I'm also going to start a new thread to keep track!

I'll be doing a round of p90x2 through early spring and continuing to practice intermittent fasting 16x8 Leangains-style, carb cycling between more intense workout days vs. rest or low intensity days.

Nutrition will focus mostly on whole foods with minimal gluten and dairy, and I will be counting calories to via fitday ensure I hit target protein and calorie goals. I just haven't had success otherwise! Thanks to the bodymedia FIT device, I'll also be tracking calories burned as well as sleep.

Goals with p90x2 are to develop a more solid core to help me avoid injury when I get back into heavy lifting later this spring. In addition, I'm trying to unhide my abs, which have been tucked away for 34+ years.

p90x2 - Week 1 Update

Weight: 136.0 (-1.0, -10.6 lbs since August) - new low!
BF % (3-pt Test): -0.3% (-7.5% overall)
Waist: 28.1" (-0.2", -3.2" overall)
Stomach: 28.0" (-0.2", -3.5" overall)

Back to pre-vacation numbers more-or-less! Holidays conquered thanks to, in my view, Intermittent Fasting.

Exercises Completed:
Core, Plyocide, Total Body

Exercises Not Completed:
Recovery (Optional), AbRipperX2, Yoga (Partial Complete)

The first phase of p90x2 really focuses on the core and doesn't really give your muscles an intense workout. That's not to say it isn't difficult. Incorporation of foam rolling is great given my cranky ITBS and all the stretching made me realize just how stiff I got just doing Starting Strength. I'll do this for 3 weeks before switching to the strength phase.

I skipped AbRipperX2 Thursday to avoid an 85-90 minute workout, which just seems like overkill, but will be giving it a go today since it's the weekend and I have more time. With Yoga, I just don't have the patience to go 67 minutes! I'm hoping slowly I'll be able to build a tolerance towards it!

Thanks for checking in!