Ok, here I go.

I guess my quest for answers to health, longevity, and happiness began December 12, 2009. That is the day I lost my father to a sudden massive heart attack while he was on a bike ride in Keene, TX. My father was an avid cyclist/mountain biker and I thought one of the healthiest people I knew. My daughter was just 10 months old when my husband and I got an urgent phone call saying my Dad had been taken to the hospital and we needed to get there as soon as possible. I had just talked on the phone with him a few hours before and was shocked. We immediately headed out to Keene's hospital which was the longest drive of my life. When we got there we were rushed into a small "family" room where a doctor finally came in after a few minutes and asked if "[we] were the girls?" We said yes please just tell us what's wrong. What happened? I fully expected to hear terrible news like he is in a coma, or somehow he got hit by a car and is critical. Something terrible, but not so permanent as death.

Since then I have had another child and I have been teaching 7th grade science full time while raising two children and keeping up a household with my husband. After finishing my last year of work with 2 small children under the age of 2 I decided to temporarily leave my job and focus on 3 things. 1.) my daughter Lilly 2.) My son Declan, 3.) my health. Losing my Dad and still grieving his loss, while working and trying to be a fun, happy, energetic parent to my children, and a loving wife to my husband was simply too much. And the loss of my Dad so suddenly helped me to realize that all my energy and focus was really not where it needed to be to have a fulfilling life. I LOVE being a teacher and I'm excited to return to it in a few years but I am so grateful that my husband is a hard worker and willing to do what he must to allow me quality time with our kids and time to work on myself. It is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me and I intend to do it justice. So here goes!

Current weight: 135.8
*Goal weight approximately 110 (give or take some pounds
Current energy level: Zapped out by afternoon
*Goal energy level: Zapped out by bedtime, but tons of energy to chase and play with my kids during the day!

Tomorrow is a new day! I'm going to try to get my booty out of bed early to take a nice walk before the house hold is up!