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Thread: Needing a little inspiration and encouragement

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    I am an ex-smoker and an ex-beer addict. I feel for you, buddy. I know what you are facing, and the cigarette companies have made quitting worse by spiking the damnable things with extra nicotine.

    I suggest giving up wheat first. It is addictive & will give you withdrawal symptoms for the 1st few weeks, not nearly as bad as withdrawal from nicotine. Once you have mastered withdrawing from wheat, it is time to quit smoking.
    There is a MIRACLE BOOK that will make it easy to quit. Order this book now to get ready to quit when the time is right.
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    90% success rate is reported for this book.

    The beer? After you have succeeded in wheat & nicotine, beer will be easy. Just don't hang around people who drink or smoke.

    Best of luck to you,

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    I feel for you. Been there, done that. For smoking, I found Smoker's Rescue very helpful. Been over 3 years since I've smoked and hardly ever have a craving any more.

    For being Primal, it's all about choices IN THE MOMENT. I'll probably get flamed for this, but if you have to go to Wendy's, go. But make the choice that this time you won't eat the bun. Next time, no fries. One step at a time is sometimes easier than that total commitment of jumping off the cliff. Got to admit though, I'm a cliff jumping kind of guy and just went 100% Primal as soon as I could. I think I had MAYBE two days transition, then I really started to feel better and jumped the rest of the way.

    Just remember, with smoking or eating, you have choices. Just try to make the healthier choice more often and it becomes easier each time.

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