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    They make me drowsy and make it hard to concentrate on anything for very long. I was okay for the first month and a half or so at my new job but I notice my sensitivity is increasing, like it did at the last three jobs I had. A few minutes after leaving the office, the effects go away. Does anyone else experience this? How do you cope?

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    It only drives me nuts if they're flickering. Other than that, no problem.

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    All fluorescent lights flicker, but once the flicker reaches over 50 Hz the human eye can't consciously detect it. But even if you can't see it the body can still feel it, causing drowsiness and headaches. The best remedy is to take a "non smokers break" and step outside for a few minutes. Otherwise I've had good luck with putting a desk lamp with an incandescent bulb nearby to flood out some of the flickering.

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    PC, search "fluorescent" here. We had a good conversation with a member who had significant issues with f. lights some months ago.

    It might also be the color of the lights. Standard Cool Whites are heavy on the green because that's what our eyes are most sensitive to, hence, greater efficiency. If you have your own lights, try some Daylight spectrum ones. I like them, rather blue. You know, like Grok used for light.

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    Are you in a windowless office? I agree with LX, a desk lamp made a huge difference for me

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