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    Hey ladies,

    I have fallen off the wagon, I hit that time of the month and the cravings were more then I could bear... How are you Grokettes coping with this issue, the same thing happened last month. I have 2 industry events in the next 2 days that will keep me from going full primal the next 2 days, so I'm thinking of IFing for the other meals to try to get back on track, or just eating very small meals those days and them fasting on Friday... ugh. Any advice?

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    I don't really have to deal with the monthly stuff (I'm on the depo shot,) but there have been slips and falls from time to time.

    IFing helps. If you're good with that, go for it. Otherwise, I just keep it minimal with lean meat and raw/steamed veggies until my body adjusts back. I've learned nothing sets me straight better than going raw for a couple meals. (Raw food limits food choices, thus making me behave- lol.)

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    I find that TOM makes me hungrier than usual, but I can usually just fill up on more primal foods, particularly rich stuff like beef and coconut milk blended with avocado.

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