I've been having 30 minutes of sun exposure every day, since starting Paleo and loving it.

Reestablishing my love of the sun, and enjoying the warmth of it on my skin has been great. Except... I KNOW I am getting sun damage. Not so much worried about melanoma, and I've always refused to wear chemical-laden sun-screen, but for the past few months have been watching this massive age spot (liver spot) appearing, and darkening, in all it's ugly glory!

So, just back from having had a huge brown ugliness removed by laser. in a bit of pain now, I have to say, and the smell of my own burning flesh... well, that's another reason not to get any more!

The dr. doing the procedure said I should wear sunscreen... I said, no way. She said, I could get more of these ugly spots if I didn't.

Here's my question, does eating Paleo help protect the skin from sun damage as well as skin cancer? Or, am I really gonna get more of them getting my daily dose of Vit D?