ooops, I have forgotten to journal. Yep that sounds like me. I've been doing pretty well tho, have lost 8 kilos and 10cm from my waist so far and going strong still. I feel like I have regained control of my weight loss, in that I know by what I am eating weather I will drop some weight or stay the same. My fat percentage dropped to less then my water percentage for a bit, that was exciting. It changes all the time tho, but is slowly but surely dropping.
I have been eating when I get hungry, mostly two meals a day, sometimes three. i will either have breakfast at 5 before work, or at 9 on smoko, then either have lunch or skip depending on when I had breakfast. I have just started taking chlorophyll in the morning, as it sounds interesting and I have been drinking Swisse Slimshot as a snack during the day. I have three weeks exactly until my holiday, if I can loose 4 more kilos I will be back to the same weight I was last time I saw my boyfriend, and I am pretty confident that I will reach this first goal. Still a lot more fat to loose after that tho. Can't wait for the cooler weather, this hot, humid weather is the worst for motivation to exercise.