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Thread: how long after a cheat meal do you need to "reset?"

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    how long after a cheat meal do you need to "reset?"

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    maybe my understanding of how the body works is fundamentally flawed, but here's how i see it...

    you eat a bad meal. a bagel. a sandwich. something grainy. your blood sugar and in turn your insulin spike and your body goes into fat storage mode.

    how long after that bad meal would it take for your blood sugar to return to a normal level where you can eat stuff without it being directly stored as fat?

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    If your not Diabetic, your blood sugar should go back to normal within an hour or two. It's usually not the first meal that adds the pounds, but the second and third etc. Once your body is used to going into Ketosis, it should switch back and forth fairly quickly. One cheat meal is not the end of the world and can be recovered from fairly quickly.

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