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Thread: ★ ★ ★ Challenge Yourself: Do a Pull-Up in 2012 ★ ★ ★

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    What is the reason for not working to failure that she emphasizes in the video?


    This is one of my big fitness goals, to be able to do 1 pull up!
    When you work to failure, especially with slow negatives, your body needs much more time to recover. My suggestion would be to throw in a set to failure occasionally, preferably at a time when you know that you won't have much time to train for the next couple of days. But if you're going to train multiple days per week, always going to failure will most likely be too much.

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    I'm in!! Thanks for getting this going, Jenny!

    I can't do a chin up or pull up to save my life! But working toward this goal of one pull up by the end of the year makes it seem so manageable.

    My pull up bar came down about a month ago do to some moving things around in the house, so I'll have to put it back up. Santa brought me some nifty resistance bands so I'll be working with those, too, toward this goal. Slow and steady wins the race!
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    For those trying to do pullups follow convict conditioning or the primal blueprint exercise guide for a progression guide (I am sure there are others).
    Try Paval's "greasing the grove". What ever stage you are for 5-8 reps try doing one every time you pass a station. So if you are on the inverted rows (Australian pullups) stage and are managing 10 reps every time you pass the station do one will get you to your goals.

    As someone who can do chins comfortably my goal for 2012 is the one arm chin up....does that count for this thread?
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    I am early in on chin/pull ups and have had a relative amount of success with Al Kavido's advice. I used negatives and austrailian pull/chin ups to get where I am: just got up to five today. I have it to where 4 is easy now, at least. I alternative over hand and under hand no matter what I'm doing just for balance. I also do it at a variety of locations which require me to grip at different angles and widths.

    I think the best advice I received on other threads was to stick with movements that at least get you close to real pull-ups. I really think the austrailian pull ups are what turned the corner for me to get up to two. As I am doing a bit more, albeit still not much, I am using negatives more. I also do static holds at various positions as I approach failure. I particularly do this with the Australian pull-ups and I think it is really strengthening my core. But that is just a feeling and I am just getting started: I just wanted to share my journey and what has worked thus far.

    For me personally, this is a big deal. I had never done a single pull-up in my life before a few months ago. As the experts said, it is a slow, slow process. But, it does seem to be stacking up over time. I got #5 tonight and if my workouts the previous two days had not been so hard, who knows.

    Good luck to everyone. I certainly believe this is a worthy challenge!

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    Please add me to the list. One of my lifelong dreams is to be able to do a pullup. (We all have our thing. Pullups are mine. )
    In search of the elusive, unassisted, dead-hang pullup! | my journal

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    I'm in Jenny - thanks!

    This time I'll try some of that "greasing the groove", as clearly what I was doing during last year's challenge didn't help all that much!
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    Breaking my long time lurkdom with my first post here!
    Add me to the list!!

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    Been working on them myself since last month, so put me down Jenny!! At the gym I go to, they have a weighted machine that I use to help me with my pull-ups. You decrease your weight as you get stronger. I took 2 weeks off from the gym and I have improved immensely. I've decreased my assisted weight by 30 pounds! Started off at 160 pounds of assistance and am down to 130 pounds of assistance. Woot!

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    Doing at least one pull up was on my goal list this year! I am starting off by using resistance bands in my very small home.

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    Count me in. I can do one with a little jump and then do another one about halfway up, so really, I can't do one. I had a shoulder injury last February, so I'm going to need to shed pounds and gain strength to do it.

    One week into primal, and I'm down 7 pounds. Starting the primal fitness program today.

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