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Thread: what can we eat for breakfasts and lunch?

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    Cool what can we eat for breakfasts and lunch?

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    i have the primal blueprint and the primal blueprint cookbook - however it seems focused on main meals. i am at a loss as to what we are supposed to be eating for lunches and breakfasts.

    please help.



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    food. you eat food. the same stuff you eat for dinner can be eaten for lunch and breakfast. If you're a traditionalist with breakfast, focus on egg/veggie scrambles or omelets.
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    For breakfast, I mostly eat eggs. Crustless quiches/breakfast casserole/egg muffins are tasty and reheat well. I make a big one at the beginning of the week then just cut a wedge and microwave it. Omelets with any kind of filling, scrambled eggs topped with salsa, sides of bacon, sausage, and fruit.

    Lunches are almost always leftovers from the night before.

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    Go with a Big A** Salad for lunch with some sort of meat..Salad could be like 4 cup green carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, avo, bacon, hardboiled egg, red onion, chicken!! love this salad

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    I eat bacon and eggs scrambled with kale, mushrooms and leek or onion for breakfast nearly every morning. Sometimes to change it up I'll have mixed berries with a touch of greek yoghurt and some ground nuts.

    I don't usually eat lunch as I make breakfast big enough to carry me through the day, but once in awhile I'll nibble on some cheese and sliced meats or an apple, or have dinner leftovers, or make the aforementioned yogurt concoction. Also, in a pinch, an avocado will get me through and usually sate me so much I don't need dinner.

    Lunch is probably the most inconvenient meal of the day for me to deal with as I'm usually out in the world where nothing is PB friendly, so I try to just avoid being in a position to be hungry until the evening meal.
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    ok cool thanks very much for your replies. these meals all seem very high in cholesterol though :O

    are you sure this is healthy long term as opposed to just being able to lose weight?

    thanks for your help. lots of questions obviously as just starting all of this!


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    Breakfast and lunch are main meals.......

    Meals don't have to be complicated, meals should be protein, fats & veggies.

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    Cook the chopped chorizo, add eggs, scramble.

    • Asparagus/green beans, sliced hard-boiled egg, add some chili pepper sauce, and drizzle olive oil.


    • Meatballs! Also good crumbled and cooked with scrambled eggs
    • Ground meat (with spices and chopped vegetables of your choice) on lettuce or steamed cabbage/swiss chard/collard wraps.
    • Liverwursssssssst! Pate! Can also be mixed with eggs.
    • Steak, fried egg.
    • Chicken Clafouti

    • Chorizo slices with cubed sweet potato and broccoli

    Cube sweet potatoes, and cook in butter, bacon fat, lard or coconut oil. Add spices of your choice (I like salt and pepper, cloves, or garam masala). You might need to add a splash of water once in a while. Add the chorizo when the potatoes are done. Once cooked, add the broccoli, and cook until they turn bright green.


    • Yogurt or Coconut milk with slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, and / or berries, bananas, coconut flakes, honey or cinnamon
    • Can also be blended into a smoothie
    • Honey-ginger melon


    • Chicken porridge. Chicken soup (chicken, chicken stock) bring to a boil, turn off the heat, and crack a egg, wait until poached, then eat.
    • Curried sweet potato / pumkin / squash soup
    • Super easy beef stew (beef bone stock, sliced beef, carrots, onions, daikon radish)
    • Chicken curry
    • Chicken soup
    • ETC.

    Whenever I make soup, curries, stews, I make lots extra, and keep in pint-sized mason jars.
    Whenever I make meat and vegetables, I make lots extra, and keep in the jars, chopping up the pieces, so they fit, then adding some pan-drippings, fat, or a splash of water or olive oil so that the meat doesn't go dry when I reheat it.
    If I make bacon, I make lots extra and keep in tupperware wrapped in a paper towel.

    Also, please, for the love of Grok, do a search on the forums!

    As for lunch... if you're hungry, eat a smaller version than dinner? Duh. Isn't what what lunch means? :P

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    Can I ask I quick semi-related question ... when people mention "sausage" in breakfast recipes, what precisely are we talking about? I'm just wondering if the American definition of sausage is the same as the Australian definition.
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    For breakfast I have eggs, or a hamburger patti and eggs and a glass of coconut milk For lunch I usually have a salad with meat. Today I had a leafy beef broccolli salad.
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