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    arent sausages and chorizos etc processed though........................and aren't we supposed to stay away from processed meats? i am so confused



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    usually yes due to nitrates or nasty fillers, but I think ones like the ones we buy are OK

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    I think when buying sausages you need to know what you are buying, I went and chatted to my organic butcher, no fillers in his sausages just meat and they are sensational. He spent a long time in his shop talking to me about all his products and which would be the best for me, if products are seasoned what he has used to season etc. Go visit your organic butcher

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    I just had Lamb Curry. Tommorrow i intend to have Brisket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboy View Post
    arent sausages and chorizos etc processed though........................and aren't we supposed to stay away from processed meats? i am so confused
    Some are more processed than others. It requires reading labels or knowing your butcher.

    I make my own sausage. Pork shoulder, fresh ginger, fresh sage, white pepper, salt. I grind it myself in large batches and freeze it in one pound packages. Delicious and completely paleo/primal.

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    Breakfast for me is omelette on the weekends and in the week I have greek yoghurt with berries and nuts (usually almonds).

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    My two fav breakfasts are:

    Scrambled eggs, avocado and (clean) salsa.
    Organic spring mix lettuce with avocado, h.b. egg, cukes, vinegar, oil and a little salt. (heavenly!)


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    I just ate 3 eggs over easy, 2 slices of ham, home made pico de gallo on top and butter fried fresh spinach. It was awesome. I've done some smoothies, omelets, scrambles with a bunch of veggies, etc. Eggs any way basically. I do need to get more creative and mix it up. I've done a big grass fed steak a few times, thrown some bacon in with my eggs sometimes.
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    Breakfast for me is always some kind of egg concoction:
    *first I fry a slice or 2 of bacon
    *then I use some of the fat to cook a nice pile of veggies (I usually choose one, but any combo works): Broccoli, asparagus, kale, collards, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts. Sometimes I sauté an onion first, then add the veggies. Otherwise I sprinkle everything liberally with garlic granules, pepper, and depending on my mood, some dill or other herbs (or not).
    *Then I use some of the fat to cook the eggs, over medium.

    Alternately, I might beat the eggs in a bowl with crumpled bacon, and stir them into the veggies and scramble.

    *brown some ground sirloin (or sausage), cook some veggies. Fry a couple eggs and serve them on top. I buy OGF sirloin on sale, shape it into little bite size patties, and freeze so I can grab a few. I do the same thing with pork sausage, although I'm gonna try making my own next. We all love these mini-patties, and they cook up quick. This is actually my favorite breakfast: a nest of veggies with eggs and tiny meat patties on top! It's like a bowl of primal breakfast cereal, with fun shapes and everything!

    *If I get tired of bacon, I melt some coconut oil and add one or more of the following: onions, leeks, garlic, carrots, butternut squash, turnips, sweet potatoes, parsnips, maybe a little grated ginger. These all have a slightly sweet taste, and when they're tender I'll melt a little coconut butter on them. I also stir any of the greens in. You can add cinnamon, or curry powder, or just a little salt. Top them with eggs cooked in coconut oil, leftover chicken, chicken or turkey sausages, fish.

    All of these sound more complex than they are. I can whip any of them together fairly quickly, but on an occasion where I'm not in a hurry and want a real treat I'll make the Benedict (my real fav breakfast):
    A bed of any of the green veggies
    Org chem free canadian bacon (whole foods) - cook lightly...or bacon...or any meat...or none
    top with 2 poached eggs
    Hollandaise/Bernaise sauce: put a couple of egg yokes in a double boiler, whisk well and add some lemon juice, garlic granules, dill, and capers. Have hot water standing by. Bring the double boiler to a simmer, add a nice big pat of butter (some use olive oil, I'd like to try it with coconut oil because I'm allergic to milk and still using Earth Balance OG buttery spread (suppose to be non-hydrog.).
    So you will whisk gently as the butter melts. At some point it starts getting thicker, and then you add a little water and whisk, add a little butter, add a little water...until the consistency is kind of like mayo. Some like it thick, I like mine a little thinner. Pour it over your eggs. Prepare to enter the gates of heaven!

    Lunch: Salad of greens and any veggies with tuna, salmon, or leftovers. olive oil and lemon.

    Fatboy, stick around with us, read all the info you can, and you may have to change your name after awhile! : D Welcome!
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    I must echo the "eggs and bacon people" because that's my go to as well. I also cook up a ton of bacon for the week and save the fat for cooking too. One delicious breakfast I discovered in the Reader Created PB Cookbook is the Almond Banana Pancakes.

    Ingredients are simple enough: 2 ripe bananas, 1 egg, and a heaping scoop of almond butter.
    Mash everything in a bowl...add more almond butter to create a more pancake like texture.
    Serve with bacon!!!
    It's a nice treat to start off your day!

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