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Thread: From Sick to Fit

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    oh Lisa I'm so sorry to hear about your Beau!! and your coworker! I hope that they find out what is making him sick! Poor little guy. It is soooo hard when they're sick & can't tell you where it hurts! Its a horrible feeling. I will be sending out healing vibes for him & your coworker. I hope they are better soon.

    Your body will tell you when you need to feed it again! In the meantime try & get some rest.

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    Hi Lisa -- It's been a while since I checked in on your very sorry to read the news about your grandson, and the added stress of your coworker, too. Hopefully, things have improved all around by now, but I'm still thinking good thoughts for you.
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    We are all thinking of you, Lisa, and hope your little Beau is all well by now. I hope that a busy and full life are what is keeping you from the forums.
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