I love Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk (Original or Vanilla). Mostly for budgetary concerns I am considering whether I have time to make almond milk at home. So, I looked at the SoyaJoy G3 on amazon and youtube.com. In this youtube video SoyaJoy G3 Soy milk maker - YouTube

...near the end she shows the strainer/container combo that comes with the machine.

Anyone have experience in making almond milk and can tell me:

-Can I use a strainer like she's using and just let it sit a long time... will the pulp get dry enough to make almond pulp baked goods that might be close to decent like using almond flour? Do you know of a strainer like the metal one she's using?
-Or, should I use a nut milk bag? It seems more likely to get the pulp dry. How much more work is a bag? Don't I have to boil it to sanitize it so that my almond milk lasts longer?
-Does cooking the almond milk make it last longer in the fridge? If cooking it makes it last longer, that would be a vote in favor of the SoyaJoy since it will cook it for me. Can I add something that will make it last longer without spoiling?

I've tried the Omega VRT juicer for almond milk but it was grainy/pulpy.

Any other thoughts?