All right it's time to blog my primal journey through 2012.

My Primal goals are to continue eating primally, get better at cooking primally and help my family and friends do the same.

My Crossfit goals for 2012 include getting muscle ups and handstand pushups, a sub 7min Fran time and to compete as often as possible.

My history is at the start of 2011 I was around 100kg (220lbs) at 194cm (6ft 4), basically no exercise through the last 4 years of university/college and generally eating and drinking whatever (SAD). I started trying to get in shape in Feb 2011 and frequented a gym through till June before moving from New Zealand to Australia. This is where I discovered CrossFit and subsequently Primal and Paleo living through other CrossFitters. I've been CrossFitting now for 6 months and eating primally for 5 and am determined in 2012 to engrain both of them into the rest of my life.

Now I sat down and wrote my goals yesterday and weighed in (92.5kg in the morning) and took some photos for Mark's New Years challenge. I will make a decent effort to journal my progress on a daily basis from now on to keep myself honest and motivated.

Right, here goes...

Yesteday 04/01/2012

B -

L -

S 1 chocolate at work my co-worker brought back from Hawaii (hard to say no, he looked so happy to be sharing them)

Pr W Protein Shake

5-5-5-5-5 (100kg across)

5-5-5 (50kg across, missed 5th rep on last set)

Heavy Farmers Carry (440m with 2x24kg Kettlebell)

P W Protein Shake

D 2 big chicken breasts marinated with coriander, tumeric, ground chilli and ginger. 2 Lebanese Cucumbers, 1/2 Large green Pepper

S 1 small cookie I found while cleaning up (regretted it instantly)

Sleep 7 & 1/2 hours