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Thread: Primal CrossFitter's 2012 Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    thanks for that, it really is tough to keep going in something as repetitive as that hey.
    Fell apart in my workout last night during burpees, but I still had an OK time I think.
    400 m run
    5 round:
    15 x kb swings (16 kg, which I did for 2 rounds, but struggled, and dropped down to 12 kg, feel slack about that)
    12 x pullups (2 bands again, but I was up to chest mostly rather than just chin)
    9 x burpees, jumping up to band.
    After 5 rounds another 400 m run, 23:36, it was hard!

    Working on strict press tonight, last time was only 25 kg, so hoping to really boost that up tonight.

    I should do a burpee challenge, I suck at them!

    I'm assuming that you had probably a 30min cutoff, I don't think you should've dropped your KB weight, It's my opinion that as soon as you can get to Rx'd weight and you can do a couple at a time fatigued you should NEVER drop back, especially mid WOD. You know you can do 16 so tough it out! Same with the band, if your getting c2b pullups then you need to drop your resistance or maybe a band.

    Good work though, looked like a challenging WOD, I bet the run was a semi relief after the last set of burpees

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    haha no, my running sucks LOL, but I was glad to be done
    Last night was worse:
    50 air squats
    600 m run
    30 jackknife sit ups
    30 box jumps (13 inch box)
    400 m run
    15 jn situps
    15 box jumps
    25 air squats.
    I finished last, and everyone was encouraging me, which should have made me feel better but it didn't and I don't know why, I was aiming for under 15 mins, but it was just over 16. I don't know why I felt so crap about it. I think I will do well, and then after I feel shit. I was so fatigued, but have been fighting a cold all week. I might rest tonight, but unsure yet.

    Hows 12.5? I am actually looking forward to this, I should be able to do rx'd weight but unfortunately will be using bands, but I am going to aim to get up to the sets of 9. How bout you?

    I think I did give up too easily when dropping back the kb, but only cos my coach suggested it, otherwise I doubt I would have asked.

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    hey where are ya?

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