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Thread: Primal CrossFitter's 2012 Journal

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    B -

    L -


    Pre WOD 100g Macadamias, 100g Pomegranate seeds

    Three rounds for time of:
    60kg Deadlift, 21 reps
    50 Double Unders

    RXD was 100kg

    Post WOD - Lots of Water, Handful of almonds

    D 2 Kangaroo steaks (600g ish), 1 large carrot, 2 green pepper, 1 lebanese cucumber, 2 tomatos

    Feeding window- 4pm-9.30pm

    Sleep 8 and 10 mins ish

    Today was my first day back into normal fasting, was all good. Have been reading the Warrior diet which i've been trying to follow, fasting during the day with one meal a day at night post workout. Pretty much the same as lean gains advocates. Fasting during the day is not just strictly water and can be a small portion of fruit or light protein (yoghurt and egg or nuts if you feel deprived). With this in mind I had some pomegranate seeds pre workout which I had never tried before. Not worth it at $4 but a new experience. Macadamias as well which were a bad idea (they are my crack), I think they dehydrated me a bit pre WOD which left me super thirsty afterwards.

    I have only 2 issues with fasting during the day right up until post workout. 1. Is that I feel like I'm not going to be at my best after fasting (might not have replenished glycogen stores and may not have max energy available) and 2. Is that post workout when I get home I'm exhausted and not overly hungry which means i'm not sure if I'm enjoying my compensation period as much as I should be as I've got to cook when all I want to do is rest. Other than that daily fasting is a great success, I'm not going to weigh myself until Monday so I can reassess how my weight is going after ballooning after my holiday. I think I would have been retaining a lot of water and already I feel I look a lot less bloated so hopefully that was a couple of kilos and the rest I can nail over the next week or so. I was reading in the warrior diet that the 2nd time fat comes around (like if your weight goes down then back up) is harder to lose again which if true sucks and the 2nd thing was that licorice is highly estrogenic which is something that i'd been trying hard to avoid. Alas I shall continue to be a better human 90% of the time and try to enjoy my holidays and any indulgences I cant say no to as long as they are infrequent and well deserved.
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    B -

    L -

    S- 125g Blackberries, 5g BCAA's

    D WHOLE CHICKEN, dinner plate of veggies (Brocolli, Lebanese Cucumber, Carrot, Green Pepper, Tomato. 20g of 85% Organic Dark Chocolate, 100g Macadamias.

    Feeding window- 6pm-7pm (Blackberries at 12pm)

    Sleep 6 and a half hours ish.

    Had the sorest legs today and 8x400m runs wasn't sounding that appealing. Ate the Berries at lunch I think due to stress, I thought I had crashed my work comp due to a virus I got sifting around forums. Went home and played COD with Bronson all night and ate a whole chicken, nice relaxing night. Couldn't get to sleep, maybe too much on my mind or maybe the chocolate.
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    B -

    L -

    S- 200g Almonds, 80g Organic 85% Dark Chocolate

    Pre WOD- Dinner plate of leftover veggies (Brocolli, carrot, tomato, lebanese cucumber, tomato.

    Push Press

    5min Finisher- max Kb swing (24kg)

    70 swings (and split shorts)

    Post WOD - Water, 5g BCAA's

    D 2 Scoop Choc Protein Shake (50g)

    Feeding window- All Day- handful of Almonds for breakfast, snacked on the rest in the morning playing COD, chocolate in avo while cleaning.

    Sleep 7 and a half ish.

    Didn't sleep enough last night=didn't want to go to work. Simple equation yet I still forget it. Had the day off, played COD all morning and then got super productive in the avo, cleaned the whole house and my room and got rid of all the junk and my old clothes as well. Pretty happy with my lifting, the 3rd rep miss in the middle of the set was just lack of focus, I should've had it. Kb swings were all about form so I gotta bit of a gas on but not too much. Did some cheeky bicep curls after the WOD just before closing, was the first time since probably May, not too bad 2x8 (15kg) on tired arms with no break. First time i've felt self conscious at CrossFit, funny huh.

    Fasting went out the window today, think it was cause when I woke up I was moody and didn't have any self control, interesting that when I went back to eating frequently I didn't need very much to feel satisfied. Didn't organise anything for dinner and was happy with the shakes until my flatmate cooked up a Tbone at 10pm and then I felt like eating but decided sleep was just as good.
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    B -

    L -

    S- 3 plums, 150g macadamias

    1000 meter row
    20kg (15kg) Thruster, 50 reps
    30 pull-ups

    10.32 Rxd

    Post WOD - Water, 5g BCAA's

    D 600g chicken breast, 1 red pepper, 2 carrots, 1 lebanese cucumber, 2 tomatos.

    S 100g macadamias and 40g 70% Dark Chocolate (at the movies)

    Feeding window- 8pm till 10pm (plums at 1pm ish)

    Sleep 8 hours ish.

    Have officially switched from water fasting to a little bit of fruit during the day, keeps me happy and satiated, according to Warrior diet helps with daily detox if the fruit are alkalising (Berries especially). Don't need much to feel satisfied until post WOD.
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    B -

    L - Turkish Plate (Chicken, Lamb, lettuce, carrot, tabouli, pineapple, jalapenos, tomato)

    S- 3 scoops of baskin robbins ice cream (NAUGHTY) 1 5% beer (DOUBLE NAUGHTY) 200g Licorice Allsorts (TRIPLE NAUGHTY)

    D- Didn't feel like Dinner

    Feeding window- 12pm till 10pm

    Sleep 8 hours ish.

    So travelling to gold coast with Shane meant that my paleo went out the window when we decided to get an icecream after the beach, oh well I enjoyed the crap out of it althought the next day and that night I was gassy as. Eating sweets though does have a massive follow on effect with me and after having a beer at the pub and watching the rugby 7's final I had no self control and ended up with licorice allsorts. After eating those I didn't feel like dinner although I had bought a stack of chicken thighs, they'll be lunch tomorrow but.
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    B -

    L -

    D- Early Dinner 800g Chicken Thighs, 100g Salmon Fillet 2 green pepper, 2 carrots, very small serving of lamb leftovers and a handful of macadamias

    S- 2 carrots, 2 tomatos, 1 lebanese cucumber with a touch of organic tomato pasta sauce.

    Feeding window- 3pm - 9pm

    Sleep 8 hours ish.

    Fasted in the morning and then just as I was about to eat James and Jimmy came over to go to the park and kick a ball round. Had early dinner bbq at theres and ate as much chicken and veges as I could, filled me up in a big way although I still have that problem of worrying about fasting the next day without having had dinner the night before so I ended up having a plate of veggies before bed.
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    B -

    L - 3 plums and 1 fuji apple

    Seven rounds for time of:
    60kg Front squat, 7 reps
    7 pull-ups.

    Rxd was chest to bar and 88kg fronts (17min cut off)

    Result: 7 rounds less 6 pullups.

    Post WOD- 5g BCAA's, lots of water

    D- 600g Round Steak, 1 carrot, 2 peppers, 1 lebanese cucumber, 1 head of brocolli, 40g Protein shake

    S- few handfuls of almonds

    Sleep 7 hours 30ish.

    I'm pissed off because this is the 2nd time i'm writing this post, mustn't have saved last time. So i'll make it brief
    Mondays are the easiest for diet, unsure why.
    Fasting to like 2pm now and then having small amount of fruit until post WOD
    Don't need much food to be satiated
    Finished reading the warrior diet, don't agree with what he eats, but the timing of meals and supplements makes sense.
    Not happy with the amount of sleep i'm getting, playstation and TV in the way.
    Got cuttoff on WOD but happy to get all the squats in as I went heavier than normal for me.
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    B -

    L - 3 plums and 1 peach

    21-15-9 reps for time:
    Clean 40kg

    Rxd was ring dips and 60kg clean

    Result BIG DNF, my dips suck and my cleans aren't much better when fatigued.

    Post WOD- 5g BCAA's, lots of water

    D- 400g Chicken Thighs, 1 carrot, 2 peppers, 1 lebanese cucumber, 1 head of brocolli, 40g Protein shake

    S- few handfuls of almonds, 2 glasses of champagne

    Sleep 7 hours ish.

    Yesterday I got killed at the gym, I knew my dips were average at best but it seems they haven't got any better, was into singles by rep 10. Got to the dips in the 2nd round. Gutted.
    Got home, smashed dinner and then went to the pub to catch up with a mate who had flown in, resisted the invite to go out and drink/party treats and settled on a champagne with him at our mates house instead. got home at 11pm and couldn't sleep, I hate casual drinking! reasonably hard to avoid though when all your old friends are very alcoholed centered socially, they don't understand my choice to not drink.
    Got my Inov8s back from NZ too, happy to be back in those bad boys.

    No longer hungry during the day which is good, makes the morning go faster too and seem to get more done. Haven't got on the scales in a while, maybe tomorrow so I can get a bit of an update.
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    B -

    L - 2 pear 1 peach 1 plum

    D- 400g Chicken Thighs, 2 tomatoes 1 carrot, 2 peppers, 1 lebanese cucumber, 1 head of brocolli, 40g Protein shake

    S- 150g macadamias, 70g 85% Organic Dark Chocolate, handful of almonds, 1 Vanilla Mars Bar (NAUGHTY)

    Sleep 7 hours ish.
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    B -

    L - 1 plum 1 pear 1 nectarine 8 large red grapes

    For max total reps:-

    4 min max reps SDHP, 40kg (35kg)
    3 min max reps KB swings, 24kg (16kg)
    2 mins max reps 20kg Press
    1 min max reps burpees

    Rxd was 50kg SDHP and HSPU instead of press

    Result: 101 (52 34 5 10)

    D- Chicken Thigh curry over Brocolli (no rice) 1 and a half platefuls, 40g Whey protein shake.

    S- handful of almonds, 30g 85% Organic Dark Chocolate

    Sleep 7 hours 20ish.

    Weight 91kg

    They realeased the WOD's for the weekend today, so excited for Sunday! first WOD is a prowler push with incremental weight, 2nd is a chipper with burpees pushups kb swings lunges, 3rd is a dumbell hang clean with burpee penalties and a team carry to finish. My shoulders are feeling pretty burnt out from the dips earlier in the week but other than that i'm feeling strong. Weighed in today at 91kg, pretty good although I was hoping for 90, looking leaner I think which is a good thing and I'm happy with my diet and not getting hungry at all, might of had a little bit much fruit today, felt a little bloated after lunch. Have had a rubbish week sleep wise but haven't been overly tired except on the Wednesday when I didn't make the WOD. We have morning tea tomorrow at work, hopefully i wont feel like anything naughty. Need to get lots of sleep tomorrow and Saturday!
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