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Thread: First week - feeling strange

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    Hey Ninja, any improvement today? I'm right behind you, having started, oh, two hours ago? And i feel like CRAP already! Haha, just know i feel your pain.

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    I felt really yucky for two days, and today BAM! it's like some firecracker went off, or something. I am really shocked. First of all, this is the time of day I usually start chewing my fingernails trying not to eat before dinner, and I am just NOT hungry. Second of all, I caught myself BOUNDING up the stairs--twice--as if I were a young'un. Ordinarily, I haul myself up the stairs only if Absolutely Necessary, 'cause it's like moving the Rock of Gibralter. (sp?)

    Also, I feel really really good. It's almost scary.

    I hope you other two newbies feel better soon. I hope this energy surge lasts, I haven't felt this good since before my surgery 22 months ago.



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    Griff, whoops! I knew that. thinking two thoughts at once and trying to write another ... yeesh. should know better than to multi-task while ona forum.

    My apologies!

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