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Thread: Carb load = shrunken veins and jitters?!

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    Carb load = shrunken veins and jitters?!

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    I ate a bowl of sweet potatoes, a mango and three pears for a carb-up day after three days of VLC, but I feel funny and my veins shrank. Feels almost like I drank a pot of coffee. What gives?
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    Maybe it's bad for you in the same way that doing that sudden intense workout left you crippled for 4 days. Maybe a carb rollercoaster isn't necessarily a good thing for the body.
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    Not that I think this has anything to do with the way you feel, but for carb up days, stick to starchy complex, fruit does you no good. Someone in my office just opened a window down the hall, I feel all jittery and weird, it's possible it's unrelated

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