I know the Primal Blueprint works. I've done it a couple times for a week or two and began to see results quickly both times. Problem was, I didn't have my family bought in and come mealtime sooner or later I'd eat what everyone else was having.

Now I've decided to do it different. I'm going to buy the food and cook. I will control all the meals and ensure it's good for you stuff.

OK, so I haven't cooked much before.

I figure it has the right ingredients, it has to be better than the Standard American Diet right?

I'll post and track my progress here for anyone and everyone to see (and hopefully help) how I'm doing. I'll put in exercise, meals and how I feel that day. Just like a blog.

Here's where I'm starting:

46 yr old male
176 lbs
40" waist

Averaging over several websites, my bodyfat is about 30%

Those same websites say 15% is healthy.... I figure 10% is a better target. I know, there are a lot of people around this website much better than that, but I'll just go for 10%

Doing the math, (20% of 176) I have to lose 35lbs of fat I really didn't think I was that far gone...