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    Advice on the Bas

    Hey guys,

    Well, ive been on and off with Paleo, starting it then failing because of one thing or another. My own fault.
    So, I started again this new year, and my main concern is to lose weight.
    The bread and the pasta and all the processed stuff I can do. Im cooking from scratch, veggies, fatty meats, berries. However, one thing i am really struggling with is Rice.
    Ive been looking all over the internet, and Ive heard people say there is nothing wrong with it, BUT theres nothing great about it either. Well one thing i love doing is making home made indian and or Thai food. All from scratch which is lovely. But I just have to have basmatti Rice.
    Ive tried cauliflower rice but i just dont like it.
    If im to eat Basmatti 2 maybe 3 times a week at the most, will this hinder my weight loss?

    My plan is to gym twice a week, and swim twice a week with long hikes at the weekend.
    I was wondering maybe on the gym days, to possibly have the rice.

    Do i need to Avoid it alltogether to lose weight.

    Thanks guys
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    I just eat the Thai/Indian food without rice. However, white rice is a "safe starch" for many, i.e. it doesn't contain any anti-nutrients. However, it still delivers a big sugar bomb to your body. It may very well slow down your weight loss and contribute to hunger. If you do eat it, I would save it for your gym days and go for a walk after dinner. Good luck!

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    I would say go for it and see what happens. I doubt it will hinder your weight loss although if you eat 6 cups with a meal that might be too much . If you position the rice "meal" say after a workout, it would be even better!

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    Rice is not problematic for everyone. Gym days would be the best to have it. Experiment and let us know.

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    Ok, thanks very much for your input guys.
    Yeah I will only save it for gym days which is only going to be twice a week anyway. Im just going to load up on my greens and get used to it

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