Gonna start a journal...
Today, weighed in at 202lbs. I have some errr.... monthly bloat. It happens. But since starting primal, I haven't had the "I want to eat a giant bag of candy, some donuts and half a pizza before I kill you" urge.

I feel great, excellent energy. Yesterday I took my dog (fed grain free food btw), on a walk in the woods and he tore around like a nutcase. That's the plan again today for exercise.

Breakfast- 3 slices bacon, omelet with two eggs, asparagus, local goat cheese and a cup of coffee
Lunch- chicken thighs with dijon mustard and asparagus
Dinner- alaskan salmon, probably seared. salad with local arugula and carrots, home made vinegarette and cauliflower puree with butter and cream (lol, that will make you never want to eat mashed potatos again).

Right now I am working on keeping carbs low, grains and sugar out of the picture, while allowing a little full fat dairy, from local, grassfed sources. Last night I picked up a couple of steaks and porkchops plus some eggs from the farmers market. It's all pastured. A little expensive. Also got some amazing cheeses (probably my new vice) but have noticed that I sure eat a lot less when there are no crackers involved.

For me, lifestyle and social eating kills me, so I am VERY proud I threw out some oreos someone brought for me, particularly considering it was a umm, PMS day. I am also proud that I am ignoring the godiva in the office, hoping someone takes it home.

That's me and my horse... The irony is that she flourishes on her veggies (grass) and a diet pretty high in fats for a horse. She barely eats any grains and the sugar in sweetfeed makes her nutty. LOL, she is happy to have me lose some weight, but no so happy about the increase in my energy and availability to ride now that I abandoned chronic cardio.