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Thread: The Primal Blueprint-AWESOME BOOK

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    Why isn't this book more popular? I found out about it by accident.

    I am skimming through it (it just arrived in the mail today), and it looks awesome. And I do mean awesome. Every page I turn to, I have to stop and just READ. The author has a very engaging way of writing. It is definitely user friendly. Every page I turn to holds my interest! Of course I'm going to start at the beginning and read the whole enchilada.

    I am a staunch believer in a paleo-type diet and I am so grateful I found this book. I was searching "paleo diets" on amazon, and this one popped up. I am so glad it did!

    If you don't have this book, I highly, highly recommend it. My goal is to get every book available on paleo eating, and this wonderful book is a great addition to my library.

    I am so excited that my husband wants to eat this way too now.

    Thanks Mark!

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    I agree, I read the whole book in less than 3 days...:0)

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    Thank you for the kind words. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Come back often and tell all your friends!

    Grok on!

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    I agree! I found out about this book on Facebook through someone who recommended it. I'm 44 years old & have read a TON of health & fitness books & this is by far the BEST, MOST PRACTICAL EASY TO UNDERSTAND health & fitness book I've ever read! It covers it all! It was a real eye opener for me who was once a huge fan of whole grains! My husband & I are starting to change to the Primal way of eating & are very excited about it!

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