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Thread: Goat vs. aged/grass-fed cow cheese

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    Goat vs. aged/grass-fed cow cheese

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    I've noticed I have issues with certain dairy but haven't narrowed it down as well as I may have thought. I'm curious what types of cheese everyone here does best with. I know everyone's got different tolerances, but I'm still unsure of what types of cheeses are "generally" better than others. For example, soft goat cheese vs grass-fed cow cheese aged 2 years? And would cheese made from raw milk make any difference as far as digestibility?

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    You'll probably have to experiment with it. Everyone's a little different and your sensitivity may not be the same as someone else's.

    I know that goat's milk is easier to digest and often used by people who are allergic to cow's milk, because the protein/lactose makeup is much more similar to human milk. And raw dairy products, when you can get them, are always a better option than pasteurized, because vital enzymes are left intact. I don't know much about cheeses though.

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