So....I'm on day three eating primal, lifted heavy things & moved slowly. Not bad!

I'm listening to my body...when I'm hungry...I eat! I'm feeling surprisingly satisfied as well. None of these carb induced crashes that plague me most every afternoon. I think today was the best example of a slight insulin dip that I rectified by munching on a handful of macadamia nuts!

Today was a lift heavy things day...I almost let my head take over & decide I must be too tired, but with those nuts & a hard boiled egg when I got home I was good to go! I worked heavy ( which now after reading one of Mark's articles today about woman lifting - the title escapes me, my apologies) I left feeling spent, but good. I've been doing push ups, crunches & planks at home so was surprised at my strength!

I'm involving my kids in meal preparation & showed my 15 year old son how to adapt my Mom's Oven Fried Chicken into something Grok would love! Who knew that coconut flour & some seasoning would be so tasty! Accompanied by a salad made by my 10 yr old daughter I was stuffed!

A good day! Now if I can just get the sun to come up at a civilized time!

Jo Anne