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Thread: Safflower Oil

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    Safflower Oil

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    What are the thoughts on Safflower Oil?

    It seems like there are two types, there's one that's totally polyunsaturated. That sucks, but the other one is almost completely monounsaturated. The monounsat one is supposed to be great for high heat, like up to 450 degrees (like avocado oil).

    Normally, for high heat, I use avocado oil, but it might be nice to use Safflower oil from time to time, especially because it's lighter (thus better for stir fry and etc).

    I have no idea how they get two completely different oils from this plant, but they do. I suppose it's probably from refining and treating it in some ridiculous ways, but whatever. If the "good" type really is completely monounsat, then it's probably great, right?

    Just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalest View Post
    probably from refining and treating it in some ridiculous ways, but whatever .... then it's probably great, right?

    Why not just use something you know is safe... butter, coconut oil, lard, bacon fat, etc. Go saturated for high heat.

    A quick Googling told me there are two safflower plants and one is the mufa and the others the pufa. The pufa is used in painting, the mufa is used as cooking oil. Nutrition Data comparison says olive oil has better mufa to pufa ratio. Also, the pufas in safflower oil are ENTIRELY o6.

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    You're thinking of sunflower oil. High oleic sunflower oil is mostly monounsaturated fats.

    SAFFLOWER oil, or bastard saffron oil, is one of the worst oils you can use. It's far worse than soybean oil. Far worse than canola oil. Even worse than corn oil. It's almost pure polyunsaturated fat. It. Is. Awful.

    Sunflower oil is very bad, too. Some people may consider the high oleic, but I have no interest in eating some GMO freak oil that's been modified in a laboratory to increase the monounsaturated fats. I'll just stick to good old cold pressed extra virgin olive oil if I want a MUFA oil.
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