I have restarted Primal again after the craziness of the Holidays. I'm doing things a little differently, though. One of the changes I made is to cut out all artifical sweetners. I had been using a lot of Stevia. My goal is to completely eliminate my sweet tooth, which I honestly don't think I can do if I'm using fake stuff, and I know the fake stuff is not good for me.

So, today, I'm sitting at my desk watching a training video and had a sudden desire for coffee. What was different about this craving was that I was actually craving just coffee and cream. No sugar. I don't ever remember wanting coffee or tea without sugar. I drink it, but I have never ever though, "Oh, that would hit the spot." This is a week in. I have also dropped 4 pounds without even trying (yes, it was Holiday water weight gain from WAY too many carbs). So enjoying this and enjoying feeling good and bloat free again.