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Thread: 2012 Slow Movement Challenge

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    *** 2012 Slow Movement Challenge ***

    Hi everyone

    While I have started the primal journey I'm one of those people chained to a desk for a living. I've found changing the diet relatively easy ... it's incorporating the primal fitness aspects that are harder. So I've set myself a challenge for 2012 as the foundation of my primal fitness lifestyle:

    Walk 1000km in 2012.

    That's not counting daily "routine" movement, I'm talking 1000km in dedicated, standalone walking sessions. Right now I'm rising with the sun, getting out there and walking 3km every morning. This is great becuase it also helps with the get some sunlight every day rule as well!

    I'm going to track my progress in my signature block, so far after 4 days I'm on 15.36km (I did some extra on day 2), which is 4.4km ahead of target.

    This might seem a modest goal to dedicated primalists, but for people starting out, I hope its a great goal to build a foundation.

    Join me in the 1000km challenge!

    Updated Progress as at end 14 April 2012 (Pro-rata target is 289.62km)

    Cantare: 765.4km
    tim_1522 363.1m
    Turnstone: 363.3km
    Sigi: 229.4km
    Roary: 227.8km
    Buzz71: 204.02km
    ljq309: 199km
    Kahiba: 196km
    Meegeek: 162m
    Paleo Bunny 149km
    Elizabeth826: 148km
    Fiji 50.7km
    dado: 50km
    Kapela: 44.1km
    Jovana: 22.64km
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    My Primal slow movement challenge: 208.29km of 1000km completed in 2012!

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