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Thread: 2012 Slow Movement Challenge

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    Jan 2011
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    Too late to join this?

    I'll warn you though, I won "Alternative Transporter of The Month" at my local co-op grocery and got featured in their newspaper for walking to the store, and in general, so much!

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    Jun 2011
    Southern California
    Killian, jump on in! As an extreme non-competitor, I'm all for it. Besides, having an Alternative Transporter of the Year can only add prestige and honor to our little group.

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    Jul 2010
    south Florida
    Funny... I'm watching a Nordic Trac commercial as I read this thread. It's a sign. I'm in. But I'm setting a goal of "a lot" and I'm going to get a Fitbit.

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    Oct 2011
    Canberra, Australia
    121.8 as of Feb 29.
    Lost the weight using CW. Now I just want to be healthier.
    Lisa's primal-ish when she feels like it journal.
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    Distance walked 2012: 321 kms as of June 15.

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    Sep 2011
    145.3 kms as of February 29!

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    Dec 2011
    SF Bay Area, California

    It's definitely spring in CA and another great month for walking...been fun watching all the flowers come out and the birds returning. I started doing hills because of plantar fasciitis but am now relying on them to get my HR up into the mid-ranges, as my standard (flat) 6mi neighborhood loop feels more & more like a stroll. I remember when I first started walking it 90 lbs ago I could only do about one 22-minute mile before the lower back pain would make me turn around.

    Photo is an evening shot from Windy Hill (my 7.7-miler)

    Here's my stats for Feb!
    Feb 3 - 8.6 mi 1550' elevation
    Feb 5 - 7.7 mi 1400'
    Feb 6 - 9.6 mi 2400'
    Feb 9 - 6.0 mi
    Feb 10 - 6.2 mi
    Feb 11 - 7.7 mi 1400'
    Feb 12 - 6.2 mi
    Feb 13 - 6.2 mi
    Feb 14 - 6.0 mi
    Feb 15 - 9.6 mi 2400'
    Feb 17 - 7.7 mi 1400'
    Feb 18 - 9.6 mi 2400'
    Feb 20 - 6.0 mi
    Feb 21 - 6.2 mi
    Feb 23 - 6.2 mi
    Feb 24 - 9.6 mi 2400'
    Feb 28 - 6.0 mi
    Feb 29 - 6.2 mi

    Feb totals: 131.3 mi (211.3 km) 15350' elev

    2012 YTD: 290.5 mi (467.5 km) 25850' elev

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    Oct 2010
    Melbourne, Australia
    Ack! Horrid weather + being sick = bugger all walking over the past fortnight. I'll have to make up some serious miles in the next few months.

    YTD total: 135.5
    I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

    Oscar Wilde

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    Sep 2011
    @cantare, almost 500 km, this is really impressive! And a beautiful picture!

    Spring is coming here, too. It's quite warm, but no sun and most of the time with a light drizzle. It's OK to be outside, but not that much fun (at least in town, where I do most of my walking). I try to do my 3 kms daily and saturday and sunday larger distances in the forest!

    I just got my Merell Trail Gloves (I prefer men's shoes because they fit my feet better). I love my VFFs but my Classics collect too much dirt and my TrekSport get uncomfortable after 8-10 kms. And they're not warm enough during the winter months. I can't handle temperatures lower than 10 C, my feet get really cold and usually don't warm up again And as I can't handle normal shoes anymore, I hope the Trail Gloves will be a good compromise. At least they are zero drop. But compared to my VFFs they feel much less like bare feet.

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    Feb 2012
    Here are my totals, sad as they may be.
    Feb 25 - 6.2 km
    Feb 26 - 11.7 km
    Feb 27 - 2.8 km
    Feb 28 - 3.7 km

    So jealous of your beautiful scenery. I live in the middle of Iowa. How boring.

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    Queensland, Australia
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    It's one thing to be caught in a shower on your way home but I am not interested in starting my walk in pouring rain without benefit of a jacket. In saying that, I have been doing LHT and resistance exercises on days I wasn't prepared to brave the weather. Oh. and the last thing I want is to risk getting a cold to take with me when we visit our seriously ill DIL in NZ next week.

    Anyway, finally got in another 9km this morning.
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