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Thread: New and questions

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    New and questions

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    Hi all, Me and my husband are on our 6th day and trying to adapt.
    Not having cereal in the morning or a sandwich at lunch was hard but getting used to it now.
    Question on snacking, how much fruit is ok? are Pistachio nuts ok?
    How much meat at dinner time is acceptable and any good ideas for sweet treats?

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    Sorry about the troll!

    Try to eat enough fat and protein at meals so you don't feel a need to snack. (I do snack some, usually a few nuts.) As for fruit, it is hard to answer without knowing more about you. Are you trying to lose fat? Do you have high blood sugar? The primal answer is to eat a few berries. I have to avoid those to keep from developing kidney stones. I eat apples and (non-primal) bananas. Find out what works for you. I did a search of MDA for pistachios but didn't find. They are not ones that Mark typically recommends.

    Good luck!
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