So I stumbled upon MDA at the beginning of December 2011 and everything I read made complete sense. I bought the book, read through it in a matter of a day, perused this site for endless articles, success stories and tips for newbies.

I was stoked that I wouldn't have to give up my beloved red wine and dark chocolate! Yes, this was a selling point for me

My starting date was December 10, 2011. I am 5'8" and weighed in at 159lbs (my body fat scale told me I was at 24%, but I'm not sure how trust worthy that thing is...), placing my BMI at 24.2 (normal range being 18.5-24.9). Let's start out with my initial weight related goals: I wanted to be at 135 again with some lean muscles. This was my happy weight back in 2008/early 2009 - I'd like to fit into those clothes again AND look good in them

The half-assed commitment in December made me drop down to 154lbs on December 22, making it a 5lb loss in 12 days - YAY! Then came the holidays and a small getaway to wine country filled with cheese plates accompanied by baguette and some other grainy monster foods. In general, my diet was about 60% primal in the last week of December. With the new year came my decision to treat my body right, have more energy, get some more fresh air and sun (I'm stuck at a desk inside all day for my job) and to fit into all my beautiful clothes again without muffin top and without fearing to breathe while wearing them!

Yesterday I weighed in at 155lb. This is my starting point for the new year. 20 lbs of useless fat to go! I started using paleotrack to get a better idea of just how much protein, fat, and carbs I am taking in.
Here is my overview for yesterday. As a disclaimer: I did eat some leftover Chinese, hence a larger calorie count than I am aiming for on a day-to-day basis. No more processed Chinese from now on, I'll cook it all at home in my wok with the coconut oil I just bought!

Jan. 2
1940 calories
124g protein
115g carbs
109g fat

I am happy with the protein and the fat numbers, just want to get the carbs around 50-100g per day and reduce the overall calories consumed to around 1500 per day.

Short/Medium term goals:
Walk at least 30 minutes every day. Probably best to do this around 7am instead of sleeping until 8, since it is usually dark by the time I get home from work. Alternatively there is the treadmill at the gym.
Limit my wine drinking (or the occasional martini) to the weekends.
Reduce the amount of cheese I am eating (but then again it is pretty much my only source of dairy, so I guess I'll look for the least processed kinds).
Cook more at home, because I have already noticed that eating out as a primal can suck and you never know what types of additional ingredients they throw in the food that you'd never use at home.

Let me know if you have any advice for this newbie