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Thread: Writing on the Cave Wall - Cave Woman's Journal

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    Writing on the Cave Wall - Cave Woman's Journal

    So it begins. My first forum post, the other day in the 'before and after pics' thread, was that I took 'before' pictures but wouldn't post them until I had some good 'after' ones. Then yesterday Mark announced the new 2012 accountability challenge “Success Stories in the Making“ and I decided to join in. My private, very disgusting 'before' photos will be public. Yikes!

    So here I am:
    5'2" tall
    54 years old
    Starting weight 140 lbs
    Goal: Get the fat out! Stick with the Primal Blueprint, making it my way of life and find the primal body encased in this lard suit. Finally give up my sugar junkie status.

    My story:
    I grew up a lean and active beach kid, but started gaining weight in college. I went from 105 to 124. Not giant, but more than I wanted. Over the years my love of sugar has kept me from having the body I want. I've always exercised (but not chronic cardio since my aerobics classes in the 80s). I hike, kayak, snowshoe, and mix in yoga and Ttapp. But it is not enough to keep me trim.

    I've always eaten real food, lots of meat and veggies. I was never was part of the low fat cult. I love my butter, the fat on the steak, real cream. My dietary nemesis is sugar. Sure bread is great, but sweet is where it's at! I stayed in the 120s in my 20s, in the 130s in my 30s, and started creeping above 140 in my 40s.

    Along the way I dabbled in a few diets. When I say "dabbled", I mean only a few weeks here and there. I never got away from sugar's sweet sticky clutches. Atkins worked amazingly well, 10 pounds off in 10 days, but was no fun and too darned hard. I did learn that I am very sensitive to wheat, though I continued to eat it, I certainly cut down on it.

    Next, I became very interested in the Blood type Diet. Many people I know benefit greatly from it. As an O negative blood type, I should not have much in the way of carbs, but all of the "avoids" and rules of the blood type diet made this diet hard to work with. And frustrating. But I continued to reduce my wheat intake and found that my life-long, crippling anxiety attacks disappeared. What an amazing benefit! After 40 years of out-of the-blue random attacks of existential terror, they just went away! So I did my best to keep my wheat intake on the low side. A couple of slices of bread a day at most or some occasional pizza. But the extra pounds remained. So did the sugar.

    Last summer I had a hair mineral analysis done, not because I had any health problems, but just because at 54 and post-menopausal, I was feeling kind of blah. The results told me nothing new, but reinforced what I already had figured out - take ample vitamin D3 with K2, thyroid and adrenal supplements, cut out grains and sugars (ie: eat low glycemic). And that my metabolism is sluggish. For a month I ate no sugars or grains, lost 10 pounds, and felt great. But I was on the road for several weeks over the summer and gradually fell off the wagon. Not hard, but off nonetheless. The weight stayed off until Thanksgiving when my bingefest left me carrying most of those lost pounds.

    This last December I was guided to MDA by someone at the Ttapp forums. I love the humor, the fun approach to diet and lifestyle. I like Mark's take on exercise, and had actually been doing some of all the things he recommends. The real keys for me seems to be 1) consistency and 2) eating enough fat. I love the emphasis on coconut! I had added that to my diet this summer and am thrilled with the coconut recipe book! I cut out the grains and sugars on December 26th (except for a corn muffin and a bit of chilli on New Years Eve). I've read the success stories and am ready to be one.

    Thanks for the opportunity for accountability.
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