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Thread: Meals per day

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    I usually just do one big meal in the early evening and then snack later on a few nuts or berries.

    On my days off I usually have 3 meals.

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    I'm forever tweaking to achieve a balance between high and low BG (Reactive Hypoglycemia), lipids etc. At one stage I was needing to snack quite often to tweak my BG manually but the more Primal I have become (principally the more I am using sat fats to replace those Heart Healthy Omega 6s which aren't) the less snacking I need to do.

    These days I can keep my BG and energy levels almost flatlined on three meals a day. My IR is such that I especially need to avoid carbs at breakfast when extra protein helps. Fish and salad yum yum. By evening I *could* eat about three or four times the breakfast carbs but I prefer not to, I tend to do more fat, and lashings of low carb veggies.

    I'm not good at fasting, or missing meals, my liver tends to panic and release hordes of unwanted glucose, but this has improved significantly, last time I did a 14 hour fast for blood tests my BG only went up slightly before I finally had my brekkie.

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    Jostle - this is EXACTLY what I've been doing every week. I mean, really, to a 'T'! Yesterday was a heavier carb day (weekend) and so today, my IF is filled with some hunger pangs.

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    "Yesterday was a heavier carb day (weekend) and so today, my IF is filled with some hunger pangs."

    Oh, yeah! IF after high carb is a recipe for some serious hunger. During periods where I'm doing more IF, I almost always try to stay low carb now on the day before the fast. It makes it way easier.

    As to how many meals to eat in a day. I really believe that it is an individual thing. And to be honest, I think it should be something that evolves over time and synchs up with activity levels, seasons, etc. Right now I'm eating 5-6 times a day. At other times I'll eat 3 meals. Every now and then it will be only lunch and dinner for a stretch. All depends - and it adds variety, which is of course the spice of life... ;-)



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    These days, 2 meals (or none) during the work week, usually 3 with some light late afternoon snacking on the weekends.

    Yesterday, for example, I laid down a 24-hour IF, then had dinner around 8:30PM, which will lead into a quick lunch-like thing around 1:00 or so today.

    A normal eating day means lunch in the 12-2PM range, and dinner between 8 and 9PM. Longer IF days can go 20-40 hours, depending on how I feel.

    Sometimes I wind up skipping lunch and just having a rather large dinner instead, with some holdover nuts in the late afternoon for a bit of an energy boost if I need it.

    I really like randomizing the mealtimes.

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