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Thread: Should I rotate probiotics?

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    Should I rotate probiotics?

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    I've been taking Brenda Watson's probiotics (15 billion) for the last few months, but was wondering if I should rotate it to another brand. I found the Garden of Life Primal Defense one -- it has 15 billion as well but 30 more capsules at a cheaper price.

    Does rotating probiotics help at all? If I keep taking the same thing does my body get used to the probiotics?

    EDIT: just found out that the primal life requires x3 a day to get 15 billion ... LOL.
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    I don't think the brand would matter much, but what I would look at is which probiotics are in it. If both brands have the exact same probiotics in them I don't think rotating brands would do much. Are you experiencing gut/intestinal problems with your prolonged use of probiotics? Have you tried naturally occurring probiotics from fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi?
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