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Thread: Life is about creating yourself. (Tricia)

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    primal journal (Tricia)

    I figured this thread could use a little introduction, so here goes: I'm 29, going on 30 (ack!), trying hard to finally get my bachelor's degree before that, and then hopefully my master's the year after. To support my studying habit, I work in retail, which is great because studying is a very sedentary business. My life up to now has been a pretty wild ride, filled with bad lifestyle choices. I'm one of those people who's prone to pretty much any addiction that's ever been invented, starting out as a small child substituting love with chocolate, which developed into borderline boulemia when I was 13. Having been around the bend a few times, I'm glad to say I am now at a place where food is now again my only vice, as I have just given up smoking about 5 months ago (after 16 years) and am managing my anxiety issues with only a very small dose of SSRI's, that I would like to wean off in the near future. I've been overweight and unfit my whole life, with my years of substance abuse as a sad exception when I was losing weight by slowly destroying myself... But having seen what I have managed to overcome so far, I really do believe I can change this too, the healthy way this time!

    I had been thinking about starting another blog to hold myself accountable in 2012, but have always gotten cold feet due to the privacy issue. So what better place to show/hide myself than in this little niche of a community full of like-minded individuals? I may post a picture in the future (no real hurry in getting a 'before' picture, since nearly every picture taken of me ever can serve as a 'before' picture), but for now I'm still too scared... again, because of the privacy thing. Might be less scary if the forum required registration to view certain threads... Ah well, guess you'll all have to imagine my mug for now

    I'll definitely be posting some lengthy ramblings here, but at the moment my body is punishing me for all the slacking off I have done with a bad case of sinusitis, which is great for motivation on the one hand (feel that anger! use it!), but not so helpful for actually doing stuff

    I'll suffice for now with just formally stating my goals, and how I plan to go about achieving them.

    1. Obviously lean out. Definitely lose 20pounds, but more importantly build muscle, especially in my arms. Would love to be able to do pull-ups one day. Can't even manage 'girly' push-ups now.
    2. Get off the nicotine patches. I quit smoking on last July 24th and have managed my weight since then, but the last time I tried to come off the nicotine patches (in November) I had an entire week of almost ED-style binge eating that got so scary it ended with me actually lighting a cigarette again. Luckily that did NOT taste good, but since then I've been using those patches as teeny tiny security blankets...
    3. Get a kick ass immune system ŗ la my boyfriend who never ever gets sick. (he works outside all year long)
    4. Kick the SSRI's for good. I'm on a very small dose now, but same as with the nicotine patches; things go topsy turvy when I try to come off them.

    How I will do this:
    1. Absolutely no sugar whatsoever. No junk food. No grains. I added a column to my weight/fitness spreadsheet and will award myself a gold star for every day I manage this. Gotta give my inner child something when it's not getting any chocolate.
    2. Take long walks every day. Not so much a problem when I actually have to go places, but when I'm inside cramming for finals like I will be for the coming month, this tends to get overlooked.
    3. Lift heavy things (mainly myself). Will have to look around for tips on this. Like how many times should I repeat a movement to count as training? Can not afford gym membership but there's a pull-up bar in the park and also a jungle gym in the playground around the corner that we sometimes go and abuse when there are no kids around
    4. Sleep. This can not be overrated. But anyone who's ever tried to combine a full time college education with a part time job knows how easy it is to slack off in that department. Also: turn off all screens an hour before bed.

    Wow. That did turn out quite long-ish. Hope it wasn't boring! Time to turn to the books now, but I'm already excited knowing I have this little corner of the interwebs to track my progress to the new me!
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    Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ---George Bernard Shaw
    When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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