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Thread: Primal Journal (Lex26)

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    Primal Journal (Lex26)

    Hey there,

    I'm doing this "making it public" thing partly for accountability, but mostly because I'm hopeful about the kind of help I'll get along the way. I'm 26 and currently weigh 200 pounds after losing 25 pounds with this Primal thing so far. I've found I'm better off without caffeine, dairy, fruit or starches because of adrenal issues and the fact that I'm obviously very susceptible to insulin resistance and crazy sugar cravings whenever I dip back into the forbidden land. Most of that weight has come off with diet changes alone because I haven't had a consistent exercise schedule. I'm excited about where a regular exercise schedule will get me next. Another big challenge has been the social aspect of incorporating this diet into my life. I'm just now getting better at putting my foot down around family and friends. It's like coming out or something because this diet is still so controversial. They're still rolling their eyes, but at least my family and a few friends are finally accepting the diet and trying to think ahead for me most times. But when I struggle, I'll be turning to the MDA community for some extra help.

    My goal by December 31, 2012 is to weigh less than 140 pounds and be able to do one pull-up (never done one).

    Hurdle one: I've got a high tea with a friend on Saturday. I need to call ahead and try to make sure I have some friendly options. What could those options be? Salmon on lettuce? Deviled eggs? I want to call prepared with some ideas. I know some have the mindset that it's easier to indulge every now and then without feeling bad about it, but I always have to fight some serious cravings afterward and I'd rather not deal with them unless it's a really special celebration or a one-of-kind dessert.
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