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Thread: Primal Journal (Texas Kel)

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    Results week 11
    bit late with post. Dropped another 2 pounds but near end of the week I had a big project to finish for a client. I skipped meals and forgot to eat. So I would grab something when I was starving. Usually a couple if crackers with peanutbutter

    As a result I gained back the 2 pounds and have some carb cravings to deal with

    Our new scale shows me at 26%bf
    I only have about 6 pounds to get my belly flat

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    Been lax in posting!

    Major changes in our house.... new job. So things are taking a bit to settle into a routine.
    5 pounds to go but 25% bf. So I know where those 5 pounds are coming from! Eating great, but not exercising like I should. On the plus side I got my mom hooked. She has lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks and is thrilled. She's got another 15-20 to go. Read great post from Nerd Fitness about playground workout. We have one in our backyard that is perfect. My sister is getting married in 2 months. All my relatives will be there! Motivation.. .yep!!!

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    Now that I'm down to my last bit of wt / fat, I find its really tough and progress is slow.

    25% BF... WHOO HOOOO!! Every % is exciting!
    Muscle 39%, Wt 135

    I decided to do some IF. I find that an 8-10 hr IF doesn't do much. So I tried an 18hr. Better but not great. I then did a 24hr. YEP... that's the trigger for me! I feel great and I can tell it was the right time amt for me!

    So, on Tues I did a 24 hr. My tough times are 10am and 2-3pm. Then I have to go to bed early or else my cravings hit. I did have just a bit of food... maybe 200 calories total. So I know I didn't get the full effects. Then Wed I didn't feel too hot and just ate a light lunch and dinner. Then Wed I woke up with a HUGE migraine and the stomach flu combined. That's never happened before! So, that was a full day of no eating. This morning I got on the scale thinking I would be dehydrated and would have lost muscle. NOPE... the body works like it should. I lost fat and because I drank water all last night I was well hydrated.

    I never want to sign up for the last few days again, but it did jumpstart the last bit to reach my goal. I'm determined to not loose my progress! I have 3 weeks until my family reunion/sisters wedding. So I have my motivation! Then I'm going to buy a really sexy swimsuit once I reach my goal. I've always wanted one but felt too selfconscious to own one.

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    You go, girl!

    I'm in Texas, too....Arlington. I love seeing Primals around these parts.

    A swimsuit, eh? Ugh. I have a cruise to go on in November and a suit is a necessary evil. Even at my thinnest (in high school, 105 lbs dripping wet) I never wore one. Like you, way too self conscious. I'll be watching this and if you buy one, maybe that'll inspire me to do the same.

    Have you found your migranes lessening since you've went Primal? I'm curious, since I tend to get them too.

    Keep on keeping on!

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    I'm up in Frisco. It really isn't hard to eat Primal here, but the Tx size portions of things is tough. There is a lot of sugar here.

    Well, my migraines sort of disappeared and got better with each pregnancy. My 3rd child is 1 1/2 and I've only had 2 since he was born. In my 20's I used to get more than 1 a week and they were the throwing up can't move kind. My Dr said pregnancy would be the best thing for them. Guess it sort of resets your hormones. Now in my 40's I rarely get them and when I do normal over-the-counter drugs kick it.

    I have only had 1 since going Primal. I ate this way all through high school and probably had 1 migraine every month or so then. Overall it's hard to tell what caused them to get worse and better.

    Congrats on doing so well on Primal. I can't seem to get the last 5 pounds off. I'd love to know what your day looks like. What type of things do you eat and do you work out?

    Keep at it!!!

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    Body sculpt Week 1
    I seem to be at 25-26% bf and 136 lbs. At 5'7" and 42 yrs I can say I'm in " normal" shape.
    But I'd like to take my body to the next level. So after much reading and 'listening' to my body I am going to change a few things.
    I've started the slow carb that Tim Ferriss recommends. I've read his 4HB book and love it. I also follow his blog. I've found That when I become really strict I do better. I'm a foodie at heart and plan to do Palio after I've dropped some more bf. For now I need the stricter slow-carb. The beans are great and my cravings are all gone. I'm still finding cheat meals/days are a slippery slope. (3 kids and a husband and I love to cook fancy meals., I tend to slide too often).

    I joined a new gym this week. It is a step up. I took the pilates and yoga classes as a warm- up before starting weight lifting. HA!!! I'm sore and can barely move. I'm used to yoga and pilates that is slow and traditional. Nope... These classes are set to rap music and sweat was literally dripping off of me 1/2 way through. The day after I'm sore!! It's the good sore, not the I've hurt myself sore. . So I'm going to stick with these classes for a few weeks to level up before I lift weights.

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    Week 2
    Whew... PIYO to rap still is hard for me to comprehend. I'm such a traditionalist! The instructor is amazing to look at. I think she's near 40, so I'm totally inspired! But, she sure does kick my butt!!! My goal is to get through one class doing all the reps. She said to give it 5 weeks. This week ends week 2 and I swear I feel more defined muscles. I still have a nice layer of fat on top. But my BF% is slowly going down and my weight is staying the same.

    I knew this... but forgot it... that fat cells store excess estrogen. All of my current fat is from being preg. With all those hormones running wild while preg. I shouldn't be surprised that as I get rid of the fat my hormones are going nuts! I know when I hit a new BF% low because I'm all over the place... mood swings.... cravings....etc. But if I gain a pound I and then loose it nothing happens. Makes me wonder if our bodies get rid of fat in the order it puts it on. Just a thought to ponder. .... hahaha

    Oh... even though I'm still 136-137 I'm now solidly in a size 6 shorts. I've lost 2" overall since I started working out, mostly in my waist/hips, but my wt is the same.

    I did take a photo before I started working out so I can see what I look like when I lean down, but wt the same.

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    How does time slip away?
    My kids got sick so I didn't go to the gym, then work got crazy, then summer vacation plans... etc. All great reasons to forget to post here. I've kept my weight down and am staying at 135-137. Still want to drop those last 5% bf, but will have 2 kids in school within one month and my schedule opens up so I'll be back to the gym. It's also nuts to get a kid into gym kidcare during the summer!! Not stressing about it and not beating myself up. If I'm going to find a reason to not be as focused on 'me' it's going to be playing with my kids, going to the zoo/museums, making crafts, etc. This has been a great summer! I'm maintaining and happy.

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    After reading that Friday post from Mark about the lady awhile ago... I can't remember her name... it has really stuck with me. She said it is a balance with eating right and portion control. It hit me as an 'ah ha'. I probably need portion control.

    As a result I'm doing much better at portion control... which has always been a problem for me. I'm also back on my vinegar. Two yrs ago I had horrible allergies after moving to TX from CA. Constant sinus infections and constant antibiotics. I finally did a ton of reading and spent 2 months taking lots of stuff to improve my 'gut' health and taking non filtered, non pasteurized apple cider vinegar. 2 tb twice a day. It took a full 2 months to get myself off of my allergy med's and I stayed on the vinegar for a year. No more allergies!!! I've been off vinegar for a year... and still no allergies. But I remember reading how it helps balance hormones and it really helped keep my blood sugar under control for my last pregnancy. So, I went back on it. I've been on it for 2 weeks and I'm having no problems with my cravings or appetite. I've lost 2 pounds that is staying off and it was really easy. I still really want to munch on something crunchy at night, but I think that is just habit, not so much a craving.

    Only down side is I have lost a bit of muscle mass with these 2 pounds. I'll work on that!

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    I'm not sure if everyone experiences this, but my weight bounces like a yo-yo 3 pounds from day to day. My goal is to keep the highest and lowest number, going lower. My highest number is where my average was a few weeks ago. I'm pretty thrilled. I've still got some fat to go to look the way I want... probably about 4 pounds of fat, but I can now fit into my skinny clothes. It's amazing how the last few pounds reshape your body the most. 2 pounds got me down another pant size. Now I really need to get my act together and reshape. I want to add bulk. I'm naturally thin and have little muscle mass. I look thin all the time. I want to add weight/bulk, but keep the fat lower.

    Today I started Nerd Fitness Playground workout. The Nerd Fitness Playground Workout | Nerd Fitness

    I've always liked going to the gym, but I'm really good at finding excuses not to go. Its a constant battle. I found a great gym that I pay 30 days. So if I don't go for awhile I don't pay. But the first time I go, I pay for the next 30 days. Its a great system. So, I'm not feeling guilty about not going. I have everything I need here to do body weight workouts since I have a swing set for my kids. Steve's latest post on the Batman body-weight workout will motivate anyone! The Batman Bodyweight Workout | Nerd Fitness

    I've never thought body-weight workouts are effective, but obviously I'm wrong!!!

    Plus a friend has me walking with her every Monday night for a few miles. She WALKS... none of this slow walking stuff. Plus she can talk at the same time. I can't. So I have a goal... walk fast and talk...hahahaha

    Today was the first day of school.... so I'm motivated to make some changes.

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