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Thread: Primal Journal (New Freaker by 35)

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    Talking Primal Journal (New Freaker by 35)

    Hi all. First, thanks for everyone that posts on these forums. They have been a great help in motivating my wife and I to go primal, a step which we are officially taking tomorrow. We really made the decision a few days before Christmas, but decided to postpone implementation until after New Years, in order to avoid any possible early-week land mines.

    So here are my vitals: I'm 34 yo, 6'2, and weight ... to be determined tomorrow morning at first weigh-in (I'll update in my next post, but it should be in the 275 - 280 lb range). My wife took some mortifying "before" pics an hour or two ago, which I'll upload sometime this weekend, probably (I need to black out the face). Also took first measurement around the belly button at my widest spot - 52 inches. Wow. I don't have a goal weight just yet - definitely 40 pounds at a minimum, probably more like 70. We'll see when I get closer to the goal.

    My wife is 100% supportive, which is huge. She is going primal with me, even though she really doesn't need to. She is 5'7, and weighed in this morning at 118. She's not really looking to lose pounds, but just to tone things up a bit. Truth be told, she doesn't have much to even tone up. Yes, I married up.

    Today I did my kitchen transformation. I threw away all of our non-primal foods, and did a full grocery run for tons of meat and veggies. I also made a pork loin dish in the crock pot which will be for lunch a couple times this week.

    So anyways, here I go. I'd love to chat with anyone who has any advice or tips to give. I'm really excited. After reading not only MDA and these forums, but also some Gary Taubes, Robert Lustig, Richard Nikoley and a bunch of others, I'm convinced that this is a the proper way of eating for life, rather than a diet for a couple of months.

    Oh, about my journal title. I turn 35 this June. Around the same time, I will be seeing a bunch of my old law school friends at our tenth reunion. The date of these two milestones just matches up well - while I won't sweat ab out being at a final goal weight by then, I am aiming to have made a huge change. I've seen most of these people in the last 2 months or so, and I want to blow them away. Aside from that, I just need to grow up and take responsibility for my health. I want to do that by the time I'm 35.

    Anyhow, cheers all, and thanks again.

    Edit: Here are my before pics:

    Hopefully these show up - edited to protect the not-so-innocent, and the innocent (my dog).
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