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Thread: Primal Journal (New Freaker by 35)

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    Well, I'm happy to report good news for my three month weigh in. 246 lbs, which means a loss of 30.4 lbs, 10 per month. I've seen a lot of faster losers here, but I'm plenty happy with that progress. Especially since I haven't been super-dedicated to primal eating (though I probably do meet the 80% threshold).

    Goals for April: (1) 4 cheats - Anniversary dinner this Friday, Sunday Easter dinner at a friends, and wife's birthday dinner. (2) Less grazing. I've been eating dark chocolate, blueberries, apples, little bites of cheese, almonds, pickles, etc. between meals. In April, I'm going to aim to satiate myself better during meals, and snack less. If I really need a snack, I will go for high protein filling stuff like hard boiled eggs or a can of tuna or salmon. (3) Exercise. I have walked a ton in the last three months, but done little else. Time to incorporate some running and body weight exercises. I've also purchased a local Crossfit Groupon, so I'll start using that sometime soon as well.

    OK, on to the update pics:

    For whatever reason, I'm not seeing a lot of progress, but that's ok. My clothes definitely are fitting better, and just in the last week, I've gotten a number of comments from people who noticed my progress (10% rule?). Here are comparison pics, which look weird due to different lighting and different perspectives. Next month, I'll try to get the wife to match the original perspective better.

    I'm hoping to lose 8+ in April. Hope everyone else does too (that needs to). Cheers!
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    Congrats on your progress! Enjoyed reading thru and being inspired to continue my own good habits!

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    so it's been a month.. how's your progress going?

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    Any updates on your progress?

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