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Thread: Coconut oil vs butter for cooking

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    Coconut oil vs butter for cooking

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    Newbie here (2 weeks on Primal and feeling much better already !!)

    I've read a lot.. here on the forums and am halfway thru the 21 Day Plan book, but still finding my way through all of this.

    I see that many Primal's use coconut oil heavily.

    I'm not particularly fond of the taste of coconuts, but I do love my butter.

    I use extra virgin olive oil for salad dressings.

    But for cooking... as long as I have no intestinal issues with butter, is there any nutritional benefit to using coconut oil instead of butter for cooking?

    Yesterday, I bought pastured butter from Whole Foods, so I'll be using that instead of my usual Land O Lakes.


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    Good coconut oil doesn't taste like coconut. It has a very subtle, neutral flavour.
    Butter burns way too easily compared to coconut oil.
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    It also depends on what kind of frying you are doing. For low heat frying, like scrambled eggs or sauteed onions, I'd rather use butter. For the higher temps (fish, chicken, liver), I use lard or coconut oil.

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