Driving home I just heard a brief interview with the former health advisor or Tony Blair and his wife. It was kind of a joke-ish interview, to be sure, aimed at covering the speculation that Gordon Brown eat something like 9 bananas/day after dropping his Kit-Kat bar habit. The doctor was fielding questions such as, "What kind of diet should a PM have?" And she made a point to insist that eating so many bananas--or any sugar/carbohydrate, really--spikes the blood sugar levels, leads to incessant cravings, never ultimately satisfies you, etc., etc.

At least twice and in a very serious tone she mentioned the importance of "balancing" the carb intake with protein and keeping the carbohydrates low generally.

Though she did not explicitly say to elim. the carbs/sugar outright or to keep them to a very low level (relative to SAD, etc.) and she did not touch the fat question at all (for obvious reasons, probably), this was quite a breath of fresh air.. possibly a strong sign that bit by bit we're inching ever closer to a paradigm shift.

Not sure if others caught this or if it is even worth looking up and having a listen--just wanted to share.