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Thread: Help Solve the Pharma Mystery!

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    Help Solve the Pharma Mystery!


    I think we got it all figured out! Check out my latest post at the end for details!

    Okay, I'm asking for the best of the best brainiacs to help me figure out what on earth is going on with my mom.

    She's CW and believes the whole "low fat, whole grains" thing. Annoys the crap out of me, but she's at least willing to be supportive in the way I want to eat. And she's my mom - I love her and would like to keep her around as long as possible. Maybe if we can figure out what's going on with her, she'll actually read the Primal and Paleo books I gave her.

    So here's the deal: she had her gall bladder taken out about 25 years ago. She also had spinal surgery (fused about 4 discs together) which is starting to cause her pain. That's all background and not even the most worrisome issue. The one I'm most worried about is that she hasn't been eating much. She forces herself to eat a little, but she says the taste, smell and even texture of the food is all wrong, so she eats just enough to kill the hunger pangs, not enough to get much nutrition.

    She saw a neurologist who did a scan of her brain (and maybe her spine?), and saw no tumors or other issues there. Mentally, she seems pretty good. My first thought was some kind of toxicity or drug interaction. So... here's the list of meds she's taking:

    Tramadol (as needed for pain - not often)

    Her previous doctor also had her taking Metanx for the neuropathy (that was probably caused by the Simvastitin...) but the neurologist took her off of it.

    Any ideas so I can keep my mom around for a while longer? She's 76, and her mom is still alive, turning 96 next month. We're hearty stock, assuming the meds don't kill us off.
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