My husband and I started today on the program. Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2008. I have been struggling to keep the weight off...with little to no success, My Endo told me I can never eat another potato and I will never be thin again. Currently I am 185 lbs 5'4 and miserable. I am hoping that this diet will reset my Leptin as I have been a dieter since I was 12 (over weight as a child). I've tried all the diets...on Scarsdale my whold family lost weight .....I GAINED 8 LBS.
Can anyone offer any advise as to how many carbs I can eat and what kind. I have read the Primal Blueprint 21 days and I am very excited. This is day one and I feel good. No cheating and not really hungry. Should I eat even if I'm not hungry?