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    @ Bruce: Pot may not be the healthiest thing to do, but I can tell you there are positives.

    I was diagnosed with PTSD after returning from Iraq where I was a sniper. It wreaked havoc on my marriage, my family, my job, etc. The shrink prescribed Paxil. That crap was well, CRAP. I felt like a zombie. Sure I didn't lose my temper anymore or get depressed but I also didn't feel joy. It was awful. The doc tried changing the dose and then wanted me to try some of the other medications.

    I finally told her I would continue therapy but no longer take her meds. I had read that one of the medicinal uses for pot was helping with PTSD so I gave it a try. I worked beautifully. I didn't have to be high all the time either. I would smoke a little before bed and it had the calming effect I needed to get through the next day without incident.

    Between therapy and self medicating with pot I eventually got my old self back. I no longer suffer from the effects of PTSD and no longer need pot, but to say it's always a negative is incorrect.

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    Legal-legal? it passed as medicine in NJ recently.

    Like Darth said, weed doesn't make me lazy but it makes lazy being "ok" ... hate to quote Southpark (actually, I love it) but I remember Randy saying to Stan "weed makes you okay with being bored, and it's when you're bored that you should be out exploring and playing" and it makes a LOT of sense.

    I still like to smoke after work when I KNOW I'm not doing anything else and don't have much else to do. It's usually late at night anyway. It's not habitual thankfully and it's mostly when my guy texts me to tell me about the "bomb ass shit" he's carrying that week.

    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.

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    If only employers didn't drug test... (which I feel is an invasion of privacy but what can you do) then I'd have no real reason not to indulge.

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    I have to agree with Athena. I've known and worked with many doctors, lawyers and other intelligent types, and I can assure you that regular cannabis use among productive members of society is a lot more common, and even beneficial, than many folks imagine.

    But in light of our modern, witch-burning attitudes on the subject, you can't expect anyone with anything to lose to be publicly open and honest about using cannabis -- unless they are very brave. So it might seem to casual observers that, today, only society's most marginal people use this herb -- despite its well-documented history in civilizations stretching back at least several thousand years.

    Please don't assume Cheech-and-Chong antics are representational. They are not, and there are some signs public awareness is increasing on this topic. Come November in California, many more attitudes may change.

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    A Canadian study actually found that occasional use of marijuana resulted in an AVERAGE INCREASE in IQ by 5.8 points.

    Here's the link...

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    yay for the Fungi. ; ) (only for infrequent occasions)

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    DarthFriendly: You knew R.A. Wilson!!!

    I've just discovered him, and I'm sorry I'll never get a chance to meet him in person.

    As far as the "Evil Weed" is concerned... Smoking it probably isn't healthy, but not because of the THC, but because of the burn/smoke.

    I could see using it in cooking for a party (of course warn everyone invited) since it does act as a social drug (like alcohol), but then I've never tried it so I don't know.

    The other point is the old hippy argument. The stuff we have today, even being grow organically, is seriously potent stuff. I've always been a one hit wonder until I went to Amsterdam and smoked some legacy weed that some dude was growing along with the more heavy duty stuff.

    Nice mellow high, made for lively conversation. Nothing to do with being stoned on a couch with having the munchies.

    Once you learn that you create your own reality and that you are fully responsible for your life, you can begin to see the world as it is and then you realize the limitless possibilities.

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    Being safe and comfy in your home and lighting up is one thing, but being in the primal wilderness while buzzed could be fatal.

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    I've read/watched so many things on Marijuana, and it seems there is a lot of CW regarding weed too.

    Myths (all with references to published material at the link below)

    - Marijuana Can Cause Permanent Mental Illness

    - Marijuana Is Highly Addictive

    - Marijuana Is More Potent Today Than In The Past

    - Marijuana Is More Damaging to the Lungs Than Tobacco

    - Marijuana Has No Medicinal Value

    - Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

    - Marijuana's Harms Have Been Proved Scientifically

    - Marijuana Causes an Amotivational Syndrome

    - Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

    - Marijuana Impairs Memory and Cognition

    - Marijuana Interferes With Male and Female Sex Hormones

    - Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Damages the Fetus

    - Marijuana Use Impairs the Immune System

    - Marijuana's Active Ingredient, THC, Gets Trapped in Body Fat

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    I kind of have a strange relationship with marijuana. I used to smoke it as a teenager but as an adult I've smoked it twice over the years. A couple years ago my employer asked that we not partake and we're subjected to random drug tests these day. I think my lungs have better uses anyway. I would have no issues with smoking some once in a blue moon still but it's certainly not worth losing my job either. I think it smells bad and left to my own devices I wouldn't have much to do with it.

    What's strange is that my girlfriend is a total pot head. She smokes daily and when her friends get together smoking some pot is just going to happen. It's become an issue for us before, but I've just accepted that she does it and she's accepted that I don't.

    She says that smoking helps her to relax and it's her first response to any and all sources of stress in her life. Personally I wish she'd find ways of relieving stress that didn't involve smoking anything and find other ways to relax. She's still functional when she's smoking, but coughs a lot and it seems to rob her of her energy.

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